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  • PDave PDave Dec 25, 2007 9:04 PM Flag

    Stupid Playoff Tie Scenario

    assuming you didn't make it up as you went along, it may be a stupid playoff tiebreaker, but you agreed to it when you signed up. it was in place from the beginning of the league, even before the draft. the time to argue about it is before the season starts.

    as it is, you lost fair and square according to your league's rules. deal with it.

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    • You are all retarded!

      A playoff game tie should never be settled by your overall, head to head, or divisional record(or overall points for that matter). That should only be used for a tie-breaker for getting into the playoffs.

      A tie game should be decided by that weeks scoring. Whether it be total bench scoring, backup qb scoring, etc., etc. Yahoo's default takes care of that pretty fairly in my opinion.

      As for all the regular season number one's that want to ride their regular season point total and great overall record to the championship, quit crying. You lost because your bad at life, and now your being a sore loser too.

      So congatulate all the inferior teams that beat you in your unfair tie breaker loss, and start writing your "fair" tie-breaker rules into your by-laws.


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