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    Stupid Playoff Tie Scenario

    In the first round of my playoffs, I tied the other team; 113 a piece. During the season, I had beaten this team as well as had a better record and more overall points. My problem is that he/she moved on because they had a lower projection in points than I did. I think this is extremely unfair. Do you agree?

    By the way... As of right now, I would be the champion of my league if I moved on and I still haven't had LT or Brandon Marshall play yet.

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    • TOTAL TD's by starting roster is first tie breaker in a playoff game.

    • That is more bull than the other guy that tied.

    • assuming you didn't make it up as you went along, it may be a stupid playoff tiebreaker, but you agreed to it when you signed up. it was in place from the beginning of the league, even before the draft. the time to argue about it is before the season starts.

      as it is, you lost fair and square according to your league's rules. deal with it.

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      • You are all retarded!

        A playoff game tie should never be settled by your overall, head to head, or divisional record(or overall points for that matter). That should only be used for a tie-breaker for getting into the playoffs.

        A tie game should be decided by that weeks scoring. Whether it be total bench scoring, backup qb scoring, etc., etc. Yahoo's default takes care of that pretty fairly in my opinion.

        As for all the regular season number one's that want to ride their regular season point total and great overall record to the championship, quit crying. You lost because your bad at life, and now your being a sore loser too.

        So congatulate all the inferior teams that beat you in your unfair tie breaker loss, and start writing your "fair" tie-breaker rules into your by-laws.

    • So you were Projected HIGHER meaning your the better team to start and shouda went to the Final game, that would piss me off, you play all season long and tie, then get screwed, no way!

      I woulda emailed the Commish and asked him to adjust your roster in some way to let you move on, anyone can see you got a raw deal.

    • Every time a when the playoffs start, the threads about unfair tiebreakers appear. Simply start to play with fractional points and a tie will be very very rare as it should be. Or does someone remember the last tie in an NFL game? Then why don't you just look up the rules for playoff tiebreakers? They're easy to find on the Yahoo help pages and have absolutely nothing to do with regular season records, head to head games or point projections. And why should they? It's a playoff game that's decided on that day. Do you think an NFL playoff game that's tied after regulation should be decided based on the team's regular season records?

      Yahoo's playoff tiebreakers are: 1. Total TDs by the starting lineups, 2. Points by the starting QB... if you need more, look it up.

    • Don't drown in your BIG bowl of cry baby tears.

    • Projection point had nothing to do with him moving on. Beating him in regular season played don't mean anything. It because he had more TD's on his starting roster than your team and that why he advanced and not you.

    • What??? That is the most ridiculous tie-breaker system I've ever heard of. I would have serious problems with that rule.

      Who came up with THAT rule? Our tie-breaker system goes Overall Record>Head-to-head Record>Division Record (we have 2 divisions)>Points

      Then there's one obsucre one if all those are ties, and lastly a coin-toss, but neither of those have ever been needed.

    • Same thing happened to me. I beat the eventual champion twice during the season, went 11-3 (2 games ahead of the next team in the reg. season) then tied an 8-6 team who went on because of the tiebreaker that makes absolutely no sense.
      Good thing there wasn't money on this one...

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      • well still, once the season is over, records dont count, its all new, but deciding a Tie breaker game this way is a joke.

        Prob best thing is let the league vote who should win or evn have the commish flip a coin is better than what Yahoo does to decide the tie breaker, its unfair as hell to base it on the NFL players whole season when like I said earlier, many teams picked up guys much later in the season when they filled in for injured starters.

      • I tied in our super bowl game on Monday night. I went 13-1 on the season and beat the other team in both meetings, i've been the best team all year and i lost because of yahoo's dumb rules. This rule needs to go!!!! The other team went 8-5-1, he got a tie in the reg. season and he wins the champion ship game, come on you have got to be @#$!%#$ me!!!!!

    • NExt year have a decimal point scoring system

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