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  • Maximus Maximus Dec 18, 2007 9:19 AM Flag

    Screwed out of title...

    Ok, on the stat-tracker, it says I won 100-98. Yet I am playing in the 3rd place game because I tied my opponent 98-98, even though I was the number 1 seed, had more points that he did in the season and won BOTH meeting between the two of us. The 2 points come from NE def. Stat tracker says they gave up 4 pts, due to the defense not having the blocked punt put up against them since they were not on the field to have it go against them but the PAT did, but on our league site, its says they gave up 10, which was the final, 20-10. Can someone explain this to me!!!

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    • Straight from the yahoo help about scoring.


      Why is the "Points Allowed" category for a defense different than the final score?

      In Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, scoring for the "Points Allowed" category in leagues using Team Defenses include the following situations:

      All TDs scored against the defense.
      All FGs scored by the opponent.
      All PATs (Extra Points and 2-PT conversions).
      Special Teams Scoring (kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns, as well as
      ******* blocked punts returned for TDs*********).

      All other scoring categories chosen within the league.

      Please Note: Points scored against the team's offensive unit (e.g., interception and fumble returns for TDs, FG blocks returned for Touchdowns, and safeties) are not counted in the Points Allowed category.

      The scoring is correct.

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      • Just because you back up a stupid call with a stupid obscure rule doesn't make it right. Honestly its pretty simple, when you are punting you are on offense and when you are returning you are on defense, regardless of what Yahoo has in their scoring system. A blocked punt should not count against the defense. The defense wasn't even on the field. Both the call and the rule are stupid. Yahoo needs to modify their scoring system to accommodate this type of play so it fits better with the logical rules of football.

        If you want to say that it counts against special teams / defense then punt returns for a touchdown shouldn't be counted for the returner but for the defense. They need to be more consistent.

      • Thanks for clearing it up. I wonder what Yahoo's logic is about counting return blocked punts as points against the Def but not blocked field goals.(sounds kinda convenient) I'm still bitter but I'm over it...I had a fun year and I'll be fighting for third this week.

    • When the team punts, the offense isn't on the field...it's special teams. When special teams gives up points it counts against the defense. A kick-off return counts against the defense. Why is this so difficult?

    • the D" is special teams...

    • Same Here I was 350 points ahead, won the head to head match up. It’s a bad rule but it’s the rule, just ask the Raiders about the so called “Tuck Rule” It needs to be changed to highest season points win’s the tie. You should be awarded for consistent play through out the year not one week. Romo was my QB (The only bad week all year) my receivers played in a Blizzard and bad weather, and I had Brain Westbrook. I still tied and now play for 3rd instead of 1st Oh well it's only Fantasy!

    • so what you got screwed out of a tital its not like the end of the world or aneything be proud that you can say that you had a good season and go for it agen next year hell im playing for my first tital this year. SO QUIT CRYING ABOUT IT.

    • I know exactly what I'm talking about: the Yahoo rules. NFL rules on possible advancement of a punt are not the issue, and quite frankly are irrelevant to the situation.

    • I'm not going to start discussing NFL Rules because all that matters here are Yahoo's Fantasy Football Rules. In short, they say, everything that is not Offense is counted against the team's Defense/ST. And Offense is every play that tries to score or advance the ball and keep possession. A normal Offense tries to advance the ball or maybe score, a fake punt tries to advance the ball and keep possession, a Field Goal tries to score, so all of that are offensive plays. A punt, be it succeessful or not, is not a play to advance the ball and keep the ball. Sometimes funny things happen after a blocked punt and they do, but it was not the intention of the play.

      Yahoo has rules for the situation, uses them the same way they've done it the whole year and now we're discussing this for 2 full days because?

      Maybe we should discuss the Barber Fumble Recovery instead. I think that's really a logic error in the Yahoo Rules, because not Barber got the 2 points for recovery but the Defense/ST.

    • read the yahoo rules on tie breakers...it has nothing to do with the regular season. a review of stats are done at night, they probably awarded an event to you, that was readjusted. you can check the stat changes within your league pages.

      sucks to lose by tie.....really sucks.

    • You don't know what you're talking about. Until the ball passes line of scrimmage the punting/offensive team can advance the ball for a first whether the punt is blocked or not, therefore it is still an offensive play until the ball passes the line of scrimmage.

    • A punt team is NOT the teams offensive unit. It is the special teams. Why would they specifically spell this instance out only to "contradict" themselves later? They wouldn't.

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