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    Contacting Yahoo

    Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo. I have a dispute about defensive scoring. Can anyone answer how a block punt returned for a TD counts against the "D".

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    • THe jets defense was given a td on that play and the new england defense was given credit for giving up a td. so both defenses were on the field at the same time ??????????Doesnt make sense.

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      • I'm not sure who came up with the logic that offense becomes defense at the moment the ball is kicked. They must need New England to lose the 3 points.

        Here's the deal. If you go to nfl.com and go to the Rule book, look under Kicks From Scrimmage, you will never see any language that says possession changes at the point of the kick, or that offense become defense, or defense becomes offense.

        In fact, the NFL rulebook states that the receiving team on the punt is the defense. In fact, it even states that the receiving team can be called for "Defensive Holding."

        The rule book even goes on to refer to the kicking team, after the kick is made, as the offense. It is even more clear when it says, "Rules pertaining to kicks from scrimmage apply until defensive team gains possession. "

        The defense can possess the ball. They don't magically become the offense. Corners don't become wide receivers and running backs don't become linebackers. Numbers on the jerseys don't change.

        It's still my belief that NE's offense gave up the TD and not the defense. A punt is still considered an offensive play since it is one of the 4 downs. If it wasn't, there wouldn't ever be a chance for the offense to run a trick play or advance the ball on a bad snap, etc. There may be some players who are special teams players on the field for the 4th down, but it is still an offensive play from scrimmage.

        Anyway... it doesn't really matter. Yahoo Sports is interpreting the rules. I came out on the short end of the stick. I lost my game by 2 points. But, if Yahoo changes the rule for this season, it wouldn't be right. You don't change the rules that were established all year. You make any needed changes for next year.

    • Check live stat trcker..I have same problem (ne/jet game)? Live statracker is giving ne def 24points. YEt on my league page it shows 21points....IT's a make or break for me....

    • Strange situation indeed....why then....does the "Stat Tracker" program not count the score againt NE's defense, giving them 3 more points for only allowing 4 pts....?????

    • So....let's say for example tonight, if Hester fumbles on a kick-off return, and minnesota picks it up and scores, is the minnesota defense given the fantasy points for the fumble recovery and touchdown? If not, it seems like the defense only gets punished for the special teams component. Another circumstance, since special teams and defense appear to be brought together here...what if Hester runs the kick-off back, does the defense/special teams category receive the fantasy points also?

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      • If Hester fumbles on a kick-off return, and MIN picks it up and scores, MIN DEF will be credited with a fumble recovery and touchdown. Reason: it was the Bears ball and they fumbled.

        If Hester runs it back for a TD, MIN DEF will have given up 6 additional points (7 if the PAT is good). Reason: the Bears had the ball, so MIN DEF is essentially 'on the field.'

        Other scenarios:
        If MIN punts to Hester and he runs it back for a TD, MIN DEF will have given up 6 additional points. Same reason as above... the Bears had the ball, so the MIN DEF is 'on the field'.

        It naturally follows, then, that if CHI would block a punt (after the ball is kicked) and return it for a TD, MIN would have given up 6 additional points. Possession is transferred when the ball is kicked, making the blocked punt for a TD just like Hester returning the punt for a TD from the points-against perspective for MIN.

    • Counts against the D? Oh you mean for total points allowed? Dude, that's how they do it in the NFL.

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      • Actually the answer is somewhat simple. When a team is punting they are essentially on defense already , sending in there best special teams tacklers to stop the punt returner from running back the punt. This is different from a pass interception returned for a TD because the offense has only "offensive players" on the field at the time so those TD's do not count against the Team DEF. Once again though, the punt is a totally different situation since there are mainly Defensive players on the field for that play.

    • The ESB, who was also in charge of stats last year for Yahoo!!, will sometimes change who is credited with making tackles, sacks, and getting yards once the NFL verifies the week's games final stats. It happened at least twice last year that I recall, once in an Eagle game (McNabb), and once in a Saints game (Brees). Both changes actually made the difference in weekly match-ups in my 16-team League last year. However, I still don't understand how a Defense can lose points in a blocked punt!

    • here's the link for the form you email in.


    • Basically....the stat-tracker is going to be considered wrong. Whatever points you show right now on your league homepage or on your matchup page, that is your official score. It will not change!!!

    • This is the email I received from Yahoo! Blocked Punts eveidently count against the Defense.

      Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Sports.

      I appreciate your inquiry with regards to defensive points allowed.

      Please note, the New England DEF allowed 10 points in Week 15. I
      apologize that StatTracker is displaying an incorrect points allowed

      The number of points allowed by a team defense in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy
      Football will not always match the final score posted by their opponent
      in their real-life game.

      For example, if Oakland is playing Pittsburgh and the final score is
      34-7 in favor of Pittsburgh, the Oakland defense would be credited with
      only 22 points allowed if the Pittsburgh defense scored two touchdowns
      via interception or fumble return.

      (A team's defense is not responsible for those points allowed while
      their team's offense is on the field. They are, however, responsible for
      all kickoff and punt return points allowed.)

      In Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, scoring for the Points Allowed
      category in leagues using Team Defenses will include the following

      1) All TDs scored against the defense.

      2) All FGs scored by the opponent.

      3) All PATs (Extra Points and 2-PT conversions).

      4) Special Teams Scoring (kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns, as
      well as blocked punts returned for Touchdowns).

      5) All other scoring categories chosen within the league.

      ** Please note that points scored against the team's offensive unit
      (i.e., interception and fumble returns for TDs, FG blocks returned for
      Touchdowns, and safeties) will NOT be counted in the Points Allowed

      Scoring in the Points Allowed category is standard in all leagues and
      cannot be modified to include or exclude points of a certain type.

      Whenever you have further comments or questions, please feel free to
      email me again.

      Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Sports.



      Yahoo! Sports Customer Care

    • This is a problem.Why does Stattracker verify only 4 points allowed by NE def but the yahoo fantasy page say's NE is responsible for 10 points?

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