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  • TBJurek2 TBJurek2 Sep 6, 2008 11:57 AM Flag

    Cheatees League

    I have saved this post on my desktop. I will take one minute of my time to copy and paste this post on these message boards several times a day until the names Birju, NicoD and ocho_cinco_johnson85 are synonymous with "cheating".

    Since Yahoo has left us private league owners to fend for ourselves when it comes to cheating commissioners, I have decided to do something about it.


    Sick of being screwed over by cheating commissioners? Tired of getting no help when this happens? Want to do something about it?
    If you're in a situation like this, take a few screenshots as proof that your commissioner is cheating. E-mail me the screenshots at voice_activated_retard@Yahoo.com and I will put them on the site as well as post this message several times a day on these boards in order to help you get the word out about the commissioner(s) that have screwed you over.
    I will also post this message in every league I'm in to try and spread the word to people who don't read these message boards. I encourage you to do the same and copy/paste this message into your league.

    This might be a little excessive but if I can help at least one manager back out a league that is run by a known cheater before it's too late, then it will be worth it.

    EDIT: For those who are unsure of how to take a screenshot, here is a link that explains it quite easily.


    Two things of note about that guide: In step one substitute "error displayed" with "proof of cheating" and when when you reach step seven, select ".jpg".

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    • As you're using my thread, I have to add some things to your mission.

      I like it that you're trying to fight cheating in fantasy football, because most of us want to have a fair and competitive league and not use time for leagues that were already fixed before they started.

      But I don't think you're helping a lot of people with the way you go. The best help against cheating commishs is to play with owners you've already played with before. It's improbable someone starts to cheat after he played fair for years. So take some time at the end of the season to send a message to the fair owners in your league and invite them to play with you in a league next year.

      For those who search a new league the easier way to find a fair commish would be a commish rating system. Most people won't use time to search forums and websites to find informations about the commishs of their potential leagues. But if they saw the information directly through a rating system by Yahoo (or ESPN,...) that could help a little. So if commishs want to find new people for their leagues, they'd have to sign in as a new user and lose their trophies.

      Also, I have problems with public pillories. The pilloried players couldn't defend himself and everyone could post someone's screen name or e-mail adress and claim he's a cheater. I don't think you did that but it could be done.

      And we need a complete tracking of commissioner changes to have proof of cheating. It's just not enough only to track the players additions and releases he does. Screenshots only prove obvious cheating, but there are lots of ways for a commish to cheat that can't be seen in screenshots.


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