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  • Ralf Marino Ralf Marino Dec 17, 2007 7:17 PM Flag

    Cheatees League

    After seeing so many posts of FF players, that were cheated by their commish or other league members, I'd like to start a cheatees league. I must admit I don't have a cheat experience because I mainly play in leagues where I'm the commish and keep my leagues fair.

    Post your cheatee story here or refer to an earlier post, send me your e-mail adress to cheatees_league@arcor.de and you'll get an invitation for next year's Cheatees League.

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    • And by the way the cheatees league has started this year http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/227836 although only have of the people that were interested last year joined the league.

    • Our commish (mikemounts3) picked up players after games have started and inserted them into his lineup. In the championship game he picked up RB Darius Walker at 3 pm and put him in and took out Kevin Jones giving him a win. I would love to join your league. tomhrynikjr@yahoo

    • laimkit@yahoo.com Thanks man

    • i have the same problem in the league that i am in. What r ya'll doing to resolve the cheating commissioner deal ?? Just want some input because our league is a damn mess now.

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      • Here's my advice for everyone that wants to play in a fair, fun and competitive league:
        a. Tell it to Yahoo. It's time for a commish rating system to distinguish the fair commissioners from the cheaters. And it's time for a complete tracking of commissioner changes to prove cheating.
        b. Don't play with cheaters again
        c. Search players you play with every year. Maybe you just start with the ones in your league that were also cheated or if you want, join our league.

    • well i originally won my league over the commissioner of the league only to find out that on christmas day the commissioner switched out josh reed with joe juravisious(sp) to claim victory. i later saw that he benched half of the team that he played in the earlier round. what a joke. He goes by wavier creator and i know he has three other league which he is 1st in one and 2nd in the other two. would love to find a good league email is matrampson@hotmail.com

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      • It's a shame to hear about all those cheating commissioners. I got your e-mail address and you'll get an invitation.

      • Matt,
        I'm looking for people that not into cheating whatsoever. This year, I played in 3 leagues...2 of those I knew the commish (good friends of mine), and the 3rd league I was the commish. I'd like to form one more league...people that I do not know, but people that love football, love the challenge and strategy of fantasy football. One catch...NO CHEATING. Personally dude...I don't think that the commish should be this all powerful god who can do anything he/she wants. Hell...I was 5-9 in my own league (I'm commish). Commissioners are way too powerful. I'm read reports whereas commissioners steal opponents players, change rules right before a game, swap players with their buddies, and all sorts of other ridiculous crap. I DO NOT tolerate this whatsoever! Cheaters deserve a beatdown! Dude...let me know if you are interested. Dave

    • well in my league a sixth place team traded to a last place team for brain westbrook and t.j. hozyomama for than the injured andre johnson. brain westbrook avg. for at least 50 points and ended playing for the championship but got second since brain was held down. The commish is the sixth place team brother.

    • last year was my first year in FF, a coworker collects 20 bucks from their friends and builds a league, the winner and second place take the money (70/30). But they needed an extra spot so i was invited.. everything went ok.. but time to time i could see some members borrowed players.. i mean.. they used to trade players to their friends for only one week after they played they traded them back, really annoying, after complaining.... the commissioner said it was ok ( yeah cheating was ok ) :( in the playoffs i had a decent team.. with LJ and Romo and chicago as my best weapons.. but then.. the unbelievable thing, when a member was defeated in the league he dropped his best players and were picked up inmediatly since there was no waiver time.. i lost that year against a dream team.. with maning, LT, gore, witten.. it was even funny.. i lost my 20bucs but they were good played, i reached semifinals.

      this year the same guy invited me again.. this time is 25bucs.. and fair game... im in the final this week.. i have kurt warner,LT, grant,clark.. as my best players.. wish me luck.

      (sorry for my bad english.)

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      • Good luck for your championship game!

        Like ear said, I also would not have played with those cheaters again. If you want, join our league next year, but I never play for money, only for the fun of beating good competition.

      • Gedeon,
        In my league (I'm commish)...no one is allowed to "dump" their players back in the free agent pool if they lose. That is the way it should be. I would be pissed off too if that happened to me. I can't stand cheaters...that's why I never play in public leagues. Another thing that you mentioned that caught my eye was...in my league, players are NOT allowed to "swap" or "borrow" players from each other and than switch back the following week. Let me know if you want to play in a fair league, whereas no cheating of any kind is allowed. No player swapping, no player "stealing" by the commish, no dumping players if someone loses, etc. Good Luck

      • Personally, I would not have accepted the invite to come back unless the person who cheated you last year paid your $25 for this year. But that's just me.

        I was in a league this year where two people attempted to cheat, but I contacted the commish and he was gracious enough to set the matter straight. Two non-playoff teams tried to dump players. One dumped Romo on the WW and the other tried, for some unknown reason, to trade T. Brady to me for an injured Larry Johnson whom he obviously didn't need since, as I've already mentioned, he was out of the playoffs. The Commish put Romo back on the other team and locked all non-playoff teams from making transactions. If he remains the commish and invites me next year I will definitely go back. It's nice to see some class from time to time.

    • I was robbed of the championship after Green Bay's defence was changed from zero to -1. According to the point system I found on my team settings. If a team allows 21- 27 points they have 0 points. Yes Green Bay allowed 35 but only 23 points were from the defence. The rest came from the offence. Meaning they should have a zero not a -1. Because of this it put myself and the guy I was facing in a tie. But because he had more point a 1 more win, he got the championship. And I've looked every where and can't seem to find out who the commissioner is. I hope every one has a better season next year.

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      • All PATs count against your D as well. including those for TDs that your D didn't allow.

      • I'm sorry about your close loss, but it had nothing to do with cheating. Yahoo has rules for the "points allowed" category and they say that punt and kickoff return TDs count against the Defense/ST, while Interception and Fumble Return TDs don't. So Green Bay did give up 29 points under Yahoo rules. Some other Fantasy Football sites have different rules for "points allowed".

        When your playoff game is tied, Yahoo looks at which starters scored more TDs that week. If that's still tied it's about which QB had more points that week.

    • I have had no experience with cheaters in 2 years considering that I rarely looked at 2 Public Baseball leagues (I had too many I was in). I have seen some nasty stories of cheaters in the Commish Corner, so I would just like to join for the fairness and competition.


      When will we get the invitiation

    • yea sounds good send me a email for next year @bleedtheroman@yahoo i will play for sure

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