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  • ballsdeep ballsdeep Dec 14, 2007 10:06 PM Flag

    gotta love the snow!!!

    for all you guys that are owners of evans, braylon edwards, j lewis, lynch, trent edwards, anderson, winslow, etc., you may want to wait until half hour before kickoff to fill your rosters. looks like there's gonna be a good 'ol nor'easter starting saturday night and lasting through sunday. ( i had to take off work on saturday so i can head down to cleveland from buffalo a day early ). forcasts are saying anywhere from 8 - 28 inches falling in a little over 24 hours.
    the only players that have real experience in the snow (and its still limited experience), are evans and lewis. all the others are new or fairly new to cold/snowy conditions. so if you have other bench options, they may be a better bet. another good bet would be picking up either defense. we could see a low score affair and plenty of turnovers for everyone. go bills!!!

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    • gotta love that the people who have riddin the new england train, may be in deep (snow) trouble this weekend. One guy inmy league who I am facing has...brady, moss, and welker.

    • yep, the weather has me scrambling to replace Deeke Anderson
      so much for him carrying me through the playoffs

    • Hate the snow.. the Bills are not exactly a good team..

      This blizzard is gonna cost me some money with Brady/Moss headlining my lineup in a foot of snow..

      Hate the snow... let there be DOMES!!

      If I have to watch another game like Pitt/Mia I'll hurl.

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      • the weather is what makes football so great. why do you think green bay, wisconsin is on the map?
        thats what this game lacks nowadays is hard, smashmouth football, the players with frozen snot on their nose and clumps of grass hanging off their facemasks, blood streaming from faces and on their uniform, and players with beer-bellies and poor grooming skills.
        i'm 29 and started watching football in the mid-80's but would rather watch the games that were played in the 60's, 70's and 80's, where all the games were played on grass, no idiot reporters saying there should be "rain-delays" (the douchebag on espn's first take) and quarterbacks are fair-game.
        now in the modern day, there is too much emphasis on how the game is played. the instant replay (he only had three fingers on the ball and his pinkey toe was out of bounds), freezing the kicker, where their only job is to kick the ball, so he loses his focus on the only thing he does. touchdown celebrations - just toss the damn ball to the ref (emmitt smith, thurman thomas) we would never have these celebrations if it weren't for icky woods.
        as far as playing all games indoors, why don't we just get rid of the pads, put on shorts and play flag football. weather is always going to be a part of the game. hockey and lacrosse were originally played outdoors but were moved indoors (lacrosse is both) because the weather made games impossible to play in certain cases, and has had a possitive affect on the game. doing the same for football would be the leagues demise. there is no way the owners and fans of green bay, chicago, buffalo, and other northern teams would want to play all games indoors (let alone have to build a dome), it takes away from the authenticity of the game.
        as a kid growing up in buffalo, and still true to this day, i prefer these cold weather games. i dont buy tickets for games in sept and oct, but rather dec and jan (if were lucky). there's nothing better than tailgateing before the games, drinking hot chocolate (now its coffee, whiskey and beer) and then cheering on our team in single digit temps.
        bring on the snow, sleet, rain and whatever else mother nature can throw. i'll be sitting at cleveland browns stadium this weekend in the middle of a blizzard (i hope) and cheering on my beloved bills.

    • true dat!!


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