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    Need A Ruling

    First some background.. We play a custom league... Not your ordinary ABC fantasy league. We're all friends, there’s a ton of trash talk... Wheelin & Dealin everywhere etc....

    Player's A, B, are all tied going into the final week of play. Player C is 1 game behind. Player A has the most points going into the last game. Players B & C play each other in the last week. Player A loses his game, and it comes down to Monday night football where C has Drew Brees left to play down by only a few points. If C wins player A advances on points, If B wins he makes the playoffs.

    Player C decided right before the Game to Sit Brees and advance B into the playoffs for a % of any winnings B might get. This spurred a 50/50 split between the league. Half think you can do whatever you want with your team start/sit whoever you want whenever, even if it affects the playoff standings. The other half thinks it is a cheating move to advance player B.

    Who thinks it was an illegal move to sit Brees right before kickoff to advance B and possibly win a % of the pot. Who thinks it a fair move… and at any point you should be able to alter your lineup however you feel fit?

    Post Please....

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    • It is cheating. Team A should kick Team C's ass for being an asshole. Team B & C should be throw out of the playoffs and they should have to give up a 2nd round draft pick next year.
      Its amazing that two "friends" would get together to fuck another "friend" over. You play to win, period.

    • I will say this... I was the #1 seed in my league and in position to throw my game too last week and would have let in the playoffs the worst team in the league that was somehow 8-5 at that point. I had a 2 game lead at that point and though I earned my right to control my playoff opp. But my darn consciense (sp?) took over and I just went ahead and kicked his butt. Now I play against Brady (see "Who will win?") I'm hoping I am rewarded with a win this week. Karma probably would have made me lose if I threw that game.

    • Its messed up that someone would do that amongst friends the onlysuggestion I have is next year dont invite the two guys back to your league. Ive been doing this for twelve years and we have kicked friends from the league for doing things just as this. Give them what ever money they win then advise them that what they did got them thrown out of your league because its not fair for everyone.

    • Unethical. I would kick that teams A@@ out of my league forever. Who is that team owner "Bobby Petrino".

    • I rest players sometimes when I'm ahead. Ya know, no reason to risk injury... just kidding. The gentleman who cut that deal and benched his QB should be punished, preferably by way of a good lashing, and he should be forbade from participating in fantasy football in the future.... I'll get the rope, everyone else bring the torches!!! We gonna have a lynchin!!!

    • I am the commish in this league and player C. I thought of the move not as cheating, but as a strategic move against player A. If he was destined to be in the playoffs he would have won enough games to get there. Let it be known that this is a Shiesty Jeanne Lover league.. and if your not the predator your the prey. Player A put himself in a bad spot and knew it was a possibility that I would make the move against him. I like to compare the league to "survivor” If you don't make the right alliances & don't take the time to wheel & deal you will be sent home. Since we are friends, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and took a league vote, in which he won and was reinstated to the playoffs. Next year the rules will be very clear, Any player may do whatever they want with there starting lineup. Side deals will be expected... backstabbing will occur. Let the world know the BGHPBS(Big Girl Panty Hater Backstab Show) is the cruddiest league around.

    • You have to make that perfectly clear before the season starts. If you want a clean league with no funny business, you need to say so.
      But since you're far past that point now, you should make the call you feel will please the most players. Basically you are going to lose 50% of the people in the league. Good luck getting those that feel wronged to pay, too.
      Tough luck, but next time make everything clear in the off season.

    • sounds like a good business decision to me. didn't sound like C was making playoffs eitehr way.

    • If i was player "C" which I just happen to be.... I would be as furious as I am now and demand my playoff spot or refuse to pay-up. But the public has spoken and the dastardly deeds reversed, playoffs here I come! Thanks for the support!

    • PLAYER A should go to the playoffs!!! That is just common sense!

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