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    Is it cheating if you bench some of your players to make sure someone beats you and they make the playoffs and knocks someone else out??

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    • Its outrageous but unfortunately it happens!

    • if you are losing
      don't hate the player, hate the game

    • ABSOLUTLEY! You have to always ask yourself if it is in the "Spirit of the Game". And that is not in the "Spirit of the Game". If people started doing that on a regular basis then this whole concept would crumble. The only way Fantasy Football works is if everyone puts forth their best efforts.

      Hypothetically what if the Cardinals had a coach from Holmgrens staff. And the Cards had nothing to play for. But it was the last game of the season and it came down to Dallas or Seattle to have home field throughout. So the Cards benched all their starters against the Seahawks and rolled over for his buddy so that the Seahawks could have home field throughout. It would taint the entire playoffs. Especially if the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. Everyone would wonder.

      There is no place for sandbaggin' in sports.

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      • If it is not written in the rules it is not cheating. Its not like he locked another team because he was trash talking. I agree it is a BS move but I wouldn't call it cheating I'd call it being an A-hole. The guys in the league know what he did and I am sure they will remeber it.

        The guy who pulled that crap in my league will never participate in any league (baseball, football, hockey, basketball and pickem) I or any of the others managers are commish of.

        Stuff like this can easily be policed by other managers its when commissioners start adjusting rosters and locking teams without reason that I consider cheating.

    • YES, its cheating and also unethical.

    • Not cheating but it is being a douche-bag

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      • I wouldn't call it cheating but it is an a**hole move. I had a person do that on one of my leagues in the begining of the season. He benched most of his starters becuase of something that happened in an ESPN league that we were both in (he dropped a player then posted the he didn't mean to and asked that no one pick up that player. Which of course I did with my #1 waiver priority). So I locked his team and he played with that starting lineup the rest of the year.

        In this case if he were allowed in the league again I would lock his team with an incomplete starting lineup at the begining of the season.

    • YES thats just ridiculous if you are going to do that you should'nt even be playing FF eric..

    • It depends on the rules of the league and what exactly he is doing. If he is playing a full lineup, there is nothing illegal anywhere, you don't have to defend who you play and who you bench. If there are empty roster spots, thats where it comes down to the rules of the league. If there have been other times earlier in the league history where people haven't had full lineups (empty roster spots, injuried players, bye week players) and were not punished, then there is nothing wrong with it. If he can elminate a scary team and get a worse team into the playoffs and he isnt breaking any rules, than its legal and there is nothing you can really do about it.

    • wow that's a good one? hey this fantasy..u can play who u want if u want to "rest ur starters" that's fine but u should have at least a backup player starting in that postion. So u don't raise any eyebrows


    • Yes that is cheating, check out yahoo's policy on fair play and sportsmanship

    • That's collusion and sandbagging, and I would definitely call it cheating, especially if you deliberately left spots open on your active roster. If you are a 3-10 team, eliminated from playoff contention, and facilitate the ascension of, say, a 7-6 team to the playoffs, that's totally out of the spirit of the game. It's as bad as mathematically eliminated teams making lopsided trades to shore up their friends who are still in contention (i.e. Randy Moss for Sam Hurd). That's why Yahoo! defaults allow league votes on trades.

      To solve this problem, I feel like the architecture of the game should not allow you to leave an active roster spot empty if there is a player eligible to fill it--that would cut down on the use of this "strategy," since you'd have to keep IR players on your roster to ensure that you throw the game successfully; that, of course, would make your gambit evident, and likely ensure that you were not invited back next season. Which is, of course, what you deserve.

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