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  • WolfPacks21 WolfPacks21 Dec 9, 2007 11:07 PM Flag

    Silly Stunt is it cheating?

    I am about to get into playoff due to tie-breaker and losing tonight. Another team decided to bench Peyton and allow another team to win to get into playoff cuz of points. It it cheat to bench Peyton and dont want to face either one of us in playoiff?

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    • Nope---not cheating-----called strategy. I won the 1st round of our playoffs but don't want to win the championship. Why? Cause the winner can only keep 1 player for next year. I want to keep two---LT and APeterson. I like the competitiveness of the season, but don't really care if I win the championship just so I can have bragging rights for a year. So.........I may bench a couple studs and play their backups........just so I have a better stable for next years competition. Call me crazy.

    • I wouldn't call it cheating really since the person who owns the team is doing it. It would be cheating if the commissioner re-arranged the owner's roster. The commissioner in a league I am in dropped the best players from my roster and added them to his team so he could win the playoffs and locked everyone's actions so I can't replace the players he stole they are empty slots.

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      don't join his league next year if you see one of his.

    • I would say no as long as there was another QB in Peyton's place on the roster (one could argue he was hoping for a better matchup). If he left the spot open, then absolutely it is cheating.

    • Ok my opinion is that if he would have played someone then no it wouldnt have been cheating. It is strategy. There are some teams in my league that I wouldnt want to have to play in the playoffs. If i could switch my roster to make sure I played one team over the other I would. I even contemplated doing this in my league. I am at the bottom of the league, injuries have decimated my bench spots and I have been going plug n play all year, and I was playing the 2nd place team. His team is barely squeaking out wins and in my opinion the team in 3rd is alot better. I could have thrown the game to play him again in the first round of the playoffs. It turns out that I lost anyway but the only reason I didnt is becuase it is affecting the money we had riding on the regular season.

    • He was resting his players. He is playing to win, and hoping the better team doesn't make the playoffs. It sucks, but I admire the move.

    • If you didn't want him to do it you should have beat him during the season. He worked to get that lead so now he can do whatever it takes to give him/her the best opportunity to win.

    • strategy. that is your fault for slippin', you should have had yourself in better position. it may come back to bite him though, you never know. i was gonna throw my last game for an easier week 1 playoff matchup but i figured i would rather get rid of the big dog first and not have to worry about facing him in the championship game with week 16 players that may or may not participate fully.

    • It's not cheating, but I'd consider it a violation of "unwritten" league rules.

      If it's a public league with strangers, you can't do much. If it's a league with people you know -- maybe you get payback next year or the year after.

      But one thing is for sure... in the 17 years I've been playing fantasy sports... I've seen this sort of thing happen occasionally and backfire more often than not.

    • No. Quit whining. Do your best.


    • it is not cheating it is just a dirty trick done by a scum bag that hopefull will lose in the first round people like that ruin the fun of playing fansty i bet they even know each other good luck

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