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  • Scott M Scott M Dec 7, 2007 9:29 AM Flag

    People dropping their teams...

    Two days ago a guy that didn't make the playoffs dropped his entire team. Obviously I don't think this is fair; so I informed my league that, as commissioner I was planning on putting it back to normal so nobody would gain an unfair advantage. Seems pretty cut and dry, but heres the problem: I'm in first place so everyone thinks I am only trying to secure my spot as the best team in the league. Most people seemed to be against me doing this, a couple ppl said I was abusing my power as commissioner. I explained that this had nothing to do with it, I just thought it was generally unfair. But I decided if ppl have a problem with it, then I would put it to vote and told everyone in the league to reply. Haven't heard back from anyone yet, but the vote is currently tied. The problem got much worse this morning. It appears as though another person (in the playoffs) has put all his backups in(some of which arent even playing) in some form of protest to my actions as commissioner, even though I havent done anything yet. I assume (haven't talked to him) that he has decided to throw his playoff match in protest. This has gotten out of control and I'm not sure what to do, any suggestions/ advice would be appreciated.

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    • Stick to your guns, you are not in the wrong for doing that, if someone dropped thheir entire team, they are a sore loser and it doesnt make it a fair game anymore, I cant believe that people are mad because you dont wanna make it a pot luck playoff!! They just mad cause you got a dominant team, draft better next year people.

    • You're in the right here. Check out Yahoo Fantasy rules:


      All you have to do is cite rule #2 and no one will despute putting them back.

    • Put em back and lock him out........fair is fair....or place a good player on each of the teams in the playoffs and you take the last of the cream of the crop......only 4 teams will get a player peace

      big g........oakland 1959

    • I have played fantasy sports many years now! There isn't anything worse in a fantasy league than someone dropping their entire team. It is better to form private leagues to help avoid this from happening! You did the right thing by putting those players back on his team. I wise ever commissioner would do the same!

    • Your the commish, so you do what you think is right, not everyone agrees with david stern or bud selig but hes in charge and does what he feels is best

    • I am with you I would put the guys players back on his team. We had a similar situation in another league where the commish was setting up players/positions for managers that had abandoned their teams. The intent was good but I complained about that to high heaven. The commish was dropping and picking up players on basically a vacant team. I do not agree with that. If a team is abandoned it sits there and does what it does the way it was left.

      Putting a sore losers dropped team back in place is the right thing to do. That manager has nothing to gain for the rest of the season and he is simply upsetting the status of league. Now I don't agree that you should un-bench a managers players. If he wants to throw the game that is his choice, it is an underhanded tactic and he should be called out for it if he is helping out a buddy, but it is the managers choice to make. It can be a valid strategy in some cases as well. If you want what you think is a lesser team to make the playoffs over a team that you might not matchup against very well, giving your starters a week off might just pay in the long run. Most of the leagues I play in are so tight managers need every option available to them. As a commish I am not willing to take that option away.

    • Lock the manager that dropped his team then put all the players that the manager dropped back on the team.

    • I had a similar situation in my league where the 1st place person (who was very solidly locked into 1st and was guaranteed a playoff berth) benched all of his players to help out a friend who was on the bubble between making the playoffs and not. However, when I put his players back in, all of my league supported my decision.

      Seems reasonable to me that if a fair number of people in your league object to the member's decision to drop his entire team, that you are well within your bounds to do something about it.

    • What if you were in 5th place, and this happend. Would you do the same thing or take advantage and pick up a few key players that might put you back in the run for a playoff position.

    • You should put all those players back on his team. You should check out Yahoo's policy on Fair Play and Sportsmanship. Under no circumstances should anyone be droping players for no reason. You also have to think of any managers that might be trying to pick up those players. If you knew this team was done and out of the playoffs, that team should be locked out from making any more transactions. The Commish is always going to look like the bad guy, but he always has a job to do to keep the integrity and morality of the league at a high standard. When someone drops there players for no reason. It equals a bad situation for every manager. That is why it droping or dumping of players is not allowed.

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