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  • noz noz Dec 5, 2007 2:40 AM Flag

    Is this cheating!???

    Actually it is cheating. That violates Yahoo rules...you should read them some time.

    Rules of fair play

    #4 # No owner will make any roster moves (including waiver claims, trade proposals, etc.) whose sole purpose is to hamper the play of other owners.

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    • Exactly. It is cheating. Now if he had only picked up say the 1 best avail QB option then it would not be so obvious and one could say it was insurance in case his QB gets hurt. But what he did was obvious and a violation of rules and would not be invited to play in my league next year. BTW is his last name Belichick?

    • The old adage "If you aren't cheating you aren't trying" is bunk!
      Beat him fairly if you can....if you can't, tough sh*t.

    • By his own admission Anthony made it pretty clear he did what he did to prevent the team he is up against from getting a good replacement for an injured player . He has admitted to breaking rule 4 . The sole purpose of Anthony's move was in fact to hamper his opponent play.
      All that aside I find this to be rather interesting social commentary. Fair play and ethics verses a win is a win and I don't care how I get it mentality . Which from what I have read thus far is about a 50 / 50 split .
      Personally I think it's a chickens&#t move . It's weak , and I have to wonder what Anthony's team roster and win / loss looks like . Must not be that good if it's a win go to the playoff's , loose and ride the pine . I look at the player he cut to pull his quote / unquote brilliant strategic move . Jones / Crayton / Gage , while good solid players , not the cream of the crop ! It would serve him right if the other teams in the league cut there worst players and plucked these guys off the waver wire and gave Anthony a dose of his own medicine . After all what goes around comes around .

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      • Re: Mark Bryan statement........Well said! This move was a cheating move....period. It's the same as someone picking up a player and dropping them to pick up and drop another player so the players won't clear waivers before game time on Sunday. Complete BS! Play fairly and play to win- but don't be a d!ck about it.

    • This is fantasy football. The rules may state that but we are also not little kids that have to be babied. The other individual should have been on top of his game and taken care of his team. I believe everyone had the opportunity to pick up those QBs so why did the whiner pick them up when Harrington was ruled out? Oh because he wasn't on top of his shit. NOT CHEATING if you are playing with men.

    • Isn't EVERY roster move you make in some way related to "hampering" the play of other owners? So technically, i wasn't playing fair because i had adrian peterson (chi) on my bench of the past month just in case something happened to benson, which it did. Even if i have a solid starting lineup, i'm going to pick up players off the waiver wire and put them on my bench SOLELY so the other teams, my opposition, cannot have them. It may not be very classy, but from a purely fantasy standpoint, that is a great defensive move.

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