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  • ROBERT ROBERT Dec 4, 2007 3:52 PM Flag


    Just wanted to know if it is possible for the commissioner to change lineups,points,wins and losses. I'm sure i have caught the commissioner of my league changing his players and his points after all the games were over, just wanted to know if it is possible because he says that he has no more access than we do.

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    • You can change anyones roster throughout the year as commissioner, which would change wins to loses, beef up they're yearly pt total to win tie breakers or whatever...

    • you can't once the season starts.

    • I'm a Commissioner, and as far as I know, I can not change a players points, move them around once they've played, or change the settings for the points. Maybe you should look for the adjusted points section, they will sometimes adjust the stats as the NFL does on tuesday mornings. Hope this helped. Hazy

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      • actually as commissioner, you can change anyone's lineup before or after the game is over. i can even go back and change the lineup for teams that played in week 1 and if there is a big enough point difference, the win/loss record would also change. however, if you're in a public league and your commish is unethical, well there's nothing you can do about points tampering. he can't adjust players points but he can arrange the players in the active lineups to increase/decrease a teams collective points.

        if this is the problem in a public league, i feel sorry for you. not a damn thing you can do about it. how hard is it to find 9 other friends to play with to form your own private league?


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