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  • Ambrose Ambrose Dec 1, 2007 3:51 PM Flag

    Veto Trade

    Okay this was about 6 weeks ago, but I just need opinions here. This was one big trade

    Team 1 Trades- Peyton Manning, Brett Favre
    Team 2 Trades- Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger

    Running backs
    Team 1 Trades- Adrian Peterson
    Team 2 Trades- Earnest Graham

    Wide Receivers
    Team 1 Trades- Lavernues Coles
    Team 2 Trades- Jerricho Cotchery, Wes Welker

    Tight Ends
    Team 1 Trades- Ben Watson
    Team 2 Trades- Jeremy Shockey

    I thought this was absolutley terrible. Team 1 was getting a terrible deal. They were trading A.P. for Graham and running back, and their quarterbacks weren't getting much better. For WR, this was right when Coles was going nuts, and Welker didnt seem much better. Tight ends wasn't getting him anywhere anyways because he already had Heath Miller who was doing better than Shockey. I vetoed the trade and everyone in our league agreed. But the 2 people trading were saying "NO you can't veto thats cheating." So we put it back and let it through. The person getting ripped was being an idiot. He wouldnt trade Welker for Roy Williams and Kevin Jones (Williams just came off like a 200 yard performance) but he'd do that. Well now he team sucks and the person ripping him off went from like 2nd to last to 3rd now. I still think this shouldnt have gone though, what do you think?

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    • I don't see that trade as being lopsided 6 weeks ago. My take on vetoing trades is this: No matter how bad the trade is or how dumb one party may look, you can't veto it because they paid their money and can run their team how they choose. This is assuming there is no funny business going on.....If so, "all bets are off"

    • I would have kept the veto in place. Although I thought the trade advantage was not one sided, overall it seems fair now...

    • Dude...in my league (I'm commish)...I basically run it as "majority rules." If I get enough people that feel the trade is unfair...then the trade is denied. I've had a few people that I felt were "in cahoots" with each other try to pull off bullcrap trades. I try to be as objective as possible (obviously). If I, and the majority of the managers, feel the trade is roughly equal, then I have no problem whatsoever approving the trade, otherwise...TRY AGAIN! I don't allow any shit whatsoever in my league. The funny thing is...I'm 5-7 in my own league (7th place), but I'm in first place in my other 2 leagues that I'm not commissioner of. Go figure.


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