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  • ballsdeep ballsdeep Nov 25, 2007 4:45 PM Flag

    Bill Belichick - Coach of the Year

    And Carmen Electra is sucking my d**k.
    i could not believe one of our sports writers in buffalo would consider this a possibility! especially since they just absolutely demolished the home town Bills.
    I'm sure there's other people/writers out there that think the same - yeah i'm talking to you, so put down your crack pipes - and they're probably from the boston area. but to consider "belicheat" the best coach is rediculus. It's more likely that George Bush wins man of the year. or better yet, A-Rod collecting food stamps.
    There are more deserving coaches that haven't resorted to cheating, and are coaching less talented teams.
    Honorable Mention - Marvin Lewis (CIN) - no arrests in 5 months.
    Romeo Cremmel - (CLE) - for not playing the obvious and popular choice in Brady Quinn. Derrick Anderson has been the surprise of the year.
    2nd runner up - Mike Tomlin (PIT) - there isn't too much to say other than he takes over one of the most storied teams in the league. and to fill the shoes of knox and cowher, and fill them well, deserves this honor.
    1st runner up - Mike McCarthy (GB) - puts the ball in the hands of an ageless wonder and he is having - so far - the second best season of his career (his best coming in 1995). not to mention a recieving corps that seemed never had a chance at the start of the year. not tomention all the "no name" players that have stepped up this year.
    COY - Wade Phillips (DAL)- and this is difficult to say coming from a bills fan, but he's the most deserving of this award. to take over a team previously coached by one of the all-time greatest, and have absolutly opposite (i mean north pole/south poles) coaching styles, has done amazingly well especially putting up with TO. But that's the thing. parcells never had the patience or the temperment to deal with him, so they were at eachother's throats. but phillips is a more laid back coach and lets TO be TO, and everybody's happy. dallas has been having one of the greatest seasons in their franchise and doing it with a first year coach - not to mention having a good group of players doesn't hurt either. they are playing great football with no off-field distractions and look to be the team to beat in the NFC.

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    • after re-reading your rant i notice you are indeed from the buffalo region...what a surprise...

      your team sucks :)

    • I love how people who's hometeams have probably been blown out by the pats like to play up the whole spygate thing..big deal he got caught in the half of the first game of the season...he never at any point had any form of unfair advantage against ANY team this year.. and they are now 11-0

      dont be bitter because your team sucks

      you're probably a yankee or rocky fan too, or maybe a laker fan?


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