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  • Everytime a player gets hurt, a player in my league has his backup swooped up in minutes. I mean ever star RB that has got hurt, he gets his backup within minutes of the injury. I have no problem w/ this but some people in my league do.

    My biggest complaint is that "It shouldn't be the first one to the computer gets the hot new free agent"

    Does anyone have a solution? I wish I could put every single "Free Agent" Waivers starting before the games start on Thursday.

    Any suggestions would be great.

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    • give it up please
      this is one of the few things that create parity in every FFl league, it assures that if you dont have a great draft, the season is not over, you can be quick on the waiver and get back in it.
      dont get me wrong, i drafted LJ and lost preist AND kolby smith, Ronnie Brown and i didnt get to chatman in time and eddie kennison for exactly one play and missed dwayne bowe so it hurts but if you are on top of things you can make it up. (I got to Justin Fargas, Kenny Watson and Kevin Walter) we are in a very deep league.

    • it's called being a "hawk." you watch the games, then when someone gets injured, you swoop the the computer.

      this week, the owner of Benson was in the bathroom, he missed out.

      the fun part is when more than one manager is together watching and then the fight ensues over the laptop.

      it's all part of the game. protect your premium RB's.

    • There is a difference between players that are available via Free Agency and players that are available via Waiver Wire. There really should be no complaint about the swooping of backup RBs. I disagree with the idea that all free agents should be available tuesday morning as this causes other issues (hypothetical - your starting WR isn't playing on monday night and you need another WR to fill in, but all of those on your bench have already played, should you be screwed on monday night?). There is a reason for most leagues to have benches, so you can have depth at positions.

      If one makes the argument about other GMs swooping on backup RBs, then you also can make the argument about having handcuffs. For my dynasty team, I have handcuffed Addai with his backup (drafted DeDe Dorsey, cut him and picked up Keith) and I have handcuffed LJ (kolby smith, but cut him once LJ went down for Greg Jones, Jones-Drew's handcuff).

      If you plan ahead, whether you take the handcuff approach or try to build the deepest roster possible, you shouldn't worry too much about the swooping of free agents. For most free agents, every GM has a chance to pick up that player before they have that "big game".

    • ask him how he gets is info so fast....then tell me...

    • If you're in a free yahoo league with strangers, you just have to suck it up and not care that much. If it's a money league with friends, your best course of action if you can't have all free agents go to a waiver wire after the games start, is to set a healthy limit for transactions. Enough so you can deal effectively with injuries or byes for less important positions like K or DEF, but not so much that the Kenton Keith, Priest Holmes, Ricky Williams, Jesse Chatman, etc vultures end up with 60 transactions a year.

      I suggest around 10, just under or around 1 a week in your regular season.

    • Who says the back up is the answer all the time. If its your Player, you should be paying attention and make your adjustments as soon as you can. Don't rely on everyone to make the move too late! If its your leagues rules, know them! thats what makes this so much fun.

    • lol. ur a noob. first come fist served its the way life is.

    • I can understand your fustration but those are the rule of the game, and until they limit the amount of times you can go to the free agents and ofcourse the waviers, you have to deal with it. There are way to get the upper hand on your opponent in this matter but you have to be vigalent. Waking up in the wee ours of the morning to get you free agent and making the right moves at the right time for free agent. Other than that you can have a buddy in your league cheat with you to hog all the good player by trades, which is what they did to me. I do NOT advise the latter part. Which is why I quit that league. These are the rules and their fair to all.

    • The bottom line is everyone needs to play within the parameters that are there...AKA our parents said play the cards you were dealt with. I work 50 hours a week but make it a priority to keep up with my team and the league. I constantly hear from people in my league that they are too busy...that is an excuse for I don't want to spend anymore time in the league other than setting up my team every week. If some of these fantasy football teams played fantasy baseball for just one year, they would realize how very little time they really need to pay attention to things for 17 weeks and games played only once a week.

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      • Shoot, I'm in the Air Force and for the last 5 monthes because of my job, I've had to travel all over the theater (Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Stans). I always made a priority on getting to a Cyber Cafe whenever I could find one. As the commish, I do have final say, but, not once did I EVER complain about not getting a player due to injury. Our league is also open on Sundays too, so if a player breaks his leg in the first half, you can sign him within 5 minutes and have him ready to start the next week. Sure, I lost Duece that way, but, I'm not being a little girl about it. If you can't play with the big boys, then I'm sure there a wussy league for somewhere that you can hang your skirt in. Quit being a girl and play the game.

    • FA=first come fist serve,,,,,,,,,if you have worries about your players getting hurt then handcuff them with their back ups if you don't want to take up the roster space then too bad take the risk! its all about how you want to play,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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