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    anyone out there with keeper league experience?

    I am the league commish for a first year keeper league. Can somebody tell me how injuries are typically handled in keeper leagues?

    The scenario is that the owner of Ronnie Brown dropped him after his injury and another player with roster space picked him up with intentions to hold him until next season. The original owner is saying that this is BS and that these players (once they hit IR) are protected.

    Does anyone know what is standard for a keeper league????

    Should a manager be forced to hold a player and waste a roster spot? My feeling is no... but opinions please

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    • Useually the commissioner should set up several IR spots on each roster.

    • in most leagues, once the player is dropped, he becomes avalible to anyone else to pick up injured or not to do with as they wish....if they want to keep them then they have to use a roster spot to protect him. I have been comish of our keeper league for the last 10 or so years and thats always how we run it. we also have a standing rule you cant keep the same player 2 consecutive years, so our rules may differ from yours, but from what you have said, I would have to say that once a player is dropped (injured or not) he is fair game. Hope that helps out a little.

    • In your current situation, yes they should be forced to waste a roster spot. Or to ask it the opposing question, why should just one team be allowed to keep a player AND get a extra roster spot to select players each week. Sounds like you need to introduce a IR spot on your roster.
      Each team in my league keeps up to 3 players and loses the draft pick where the player was drafted (even if they were drafted, dropped and picked up again). Here's how our IR works.
      You may deactivate any player to IR if the NFL reports lists them as OUT, DOUBTFUL, or IR. Once you deactivate a player, they cannot be reactivated for at least 7 days so they will be sure to miss a game if they get healthy all of a sudden. Once the player is not listed as OUT or DOUBTFUL you must activate that player back to your roster before his next game or the commissioner will kindly drop your last pickup from the waiver wire for you.
      You may not want to add the OUT and DOUBTFUL that's just something we do, and it's a good thing because I've had Steven Jackson all season. In fact, I just activated him this past week, then I went and looked to see if my opponent dropped Brown. Since he didn't, I added Caddy Williams back to my roster and deactivated him to IR.

      Giving every team a roster spot isn't something built into the free Yahoo, of course. However, if you went with only IR spots and none of the OUT and DOUBTFUL stuff, then you could require that anyone who wants to move a guy to his IR he has to post a message on the board that they are dropping the player but to his IR. So if anyone wants to pick up an IR guy that have to check the message board to see if they are already "owned" by a team. If you start this as a rule now, you could every team that had the IR player when they were declared IR first dibs to claim that player to IR. Then, when you declare your keepers, you can select from the IR spot as well.

      Just a long wordy thought for you.


    • in my league we have yearly drafts u dont just keep going from where ur started but i would say ya u gotta keep him if u dont want some1else to pick him up so i think maybe this time u tell him illgive u a chance so u give him brown back and if he drops him again hes gotta deal with it

    • if u have an extra roster spot to keep him till next year. do it if someone done that in one of my keeper leagues TOOO BAD. HE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!! i will keep him till next year if that player is worthy....

    • I'm a Commish in a few keeper leagues and have joined others on other sites. Unless you have specific rules about players on the IR, you can pickup and save anyone you want for next years keeper player. Yes, unfortunately keeper leagues require a different strategy than redraft leagues. It makes the game more interesting, too. If you have a very good player that becomes injured, you need to really think, if you want to keep him for next year before you drop him. Most keepers have a limit on the number of players you can keep. If you keep most or all of your players, it called a dynasty league. Good luck.

    • I am in a keeper league where the players are protected. why should somebody be able to pick someone up week 17 when they havent even been on their squad all year??? and then get to keeeeep them. doesnt make sense to me

    • For my keeper league (one that I've been running for the past 5 years) is that you get to choose 2 keepers from your end roster for next season. If they are on your roster at the end of the season, they can be kept even if they are injured. Its your choice if you want to keep someone who might not be playing.

      Its up to the manager of the team to keep an injured player on their team the whole season if they plan on keeping him next season. My managers know this. If they drop Brown for example, anyone can pick him up for a keeper spot and hang on to him till the end of the season.

      Bottom line, keepers are chosen in our league based on the end roster, no injury's are taken into consideration. You can choose who ever you want, as long as they are on your roster...it's up to the manage to hold on to injured players the whole year if they want them as a keeper.

      And they are not wasting a roster spot, as you say. They are planning for next season as well...so its not a waste in the long run. It may be for this current season, but thats why you should have the flexability to drop another player to make up for him.

    • I'm a commissioner in two keeper leagues and one of them is in it's 5th year. I've stated from the very beginning that you will have to choose your keepers out of the roster you have at the end of the season. If you drop players, they're fair game. It may not seem fair to use a roster spot on an injured player, but if you want to keep him next season, you'll have to. I have Ronnie Brown in one of my keeper leagues and I'm not dropping him because he still has fantasy value in the future. I think it would have been best if you would have established what would happen in this event, but since you didn't you put yourself in a tough spot. In my opinion, if the player who dropped Brown, thinking that he still had ownership of him, didn't clarify what the rules were before he dropped him, then thats his bad and you're game to rule however you choose. I would say that if you drop someone, then they're available to everyone.

      In order to rectify the situation, you might say how it will be for now on, and consider using your commissioner power to give Brown back to the guy who initially had him so that he wont flip out. However, this will tick off the guy who picked him up, but if you explain that the other guy didn't understand the rule and wanted to have rights to that player as a keeper, he might understand and be okay with it. But you're in a tough spot either way.


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