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  • Tim Tim Oct 25, 2007 11:19 PM Flag

    Is this trade unfair?

    The league is a custom league with money on the line.

    League leader is 6-1 with these RB's for week 8 before the trade: Larry Johnson - Bye, Julius Jones - Bye, Warrick Dunn - Bye and Correl Buckhalter

    Commish is in last at 1-6.

    Commish trades Jamal Lewis, Cedric Benson and Antwaan Randle El for Marvin Harrison.

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    • call the wambulance

    • I guess it looks like the commish is trying to help the #1 team get through his BYE week troubles in exchange for an underperforming WR.

      In my league, I would ask both teams to explain to me where they are both benefiting from that Trade so that I can understand where they are coming from. I wouldn't have to ask the top team in your league, I'd only ask the 1-6 commish.

      I suppose I would look at it this way. Does the commish have any other RB'S? If this trade left the commish high and dry, and emptied out his chances of decent RB's, only to aquire Harrison, then yes, I see foul play. But if not, I don't see anything THAT bad.

      The players the commish gave up AREN'T performers. And right now Harrison isn't one either. Maybe the commish see's big potential in Harrisons future this year, and wanted to make a strong run for him.

      In my opinion it's not a good trade, but taking their records out of the equasion, it's not bad either.

      And one other point. If the commish was targeting harrison, of course he's going to wait until the week that the #1 teams players are on BYE's, now he's got a stronger positon in the trade. I've just convinced myself. The trade is fine, you are over thinking it.

    • How is that cheating? The dude is trading Benson who blows(prolly gonna lose his job).....and Lewis is banged up and not doin that great....and he is gettin Harrison who will help when he gets healthy, and Randle El is decent!

    • total colusion by the commish...ask for your $ back and get out of the league!

    • I say that you let this trade go, if both teams are happy then it should be acepted in any league. Who are we to determine the intelligance of all fantasy players?

      Lets just let make the trades they want and see what happens.

    • There is no way that this trade is fair It looks like the commisioner is getting a piece of the pie if this guy wins, he is totally covering the first guys bye week, I would vote it down, common harrison has caught how many touchdowns and how many recieving yards, besides if your at the bottom you dont really want to hook someone in front of you up. BU**^SH&T

    • Looks fine to me.

    • are you saying it is the leader that is being unfair and/or is the commish's second team? the trade seems too perfect for the leader to get enough rb's to cover for the bye week and a receiver to replace harrison (who hasn't been much in fantasy terms this year). i think it may seem a bit unfair to reload so easily using one player who isnt even the #1 on his own team (Wayne).

    • Cheat, cheat, cheater. Dont join this league again or play with this commissioner again.

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