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  • Conner Conner Oct 25, 2007 2:45 AM Flag

    What to do?

    A guy in my league is crying about brown being hurt and I picked up chatman asap. he wants me to give norwood for chatman or he will quit. I can afford it b/c I have LT LJ and Lynch. I just wanted to trade him to get a decent WR, but I don't want him to quit. Any ideas on what I should do?

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    • I have been a commish for 5 years and as bad as it sounds you can't treat on manager different than the rest. If you let his whining influence your decision then the other managers will lose respect for you and your league. It is every managers responsibility to monitor what is happening in the NFL. There are more than enough resources to accomplish this. Sorry bro but if he walks then it's his decision. Besides, how do you know it's not an empty threat to get his own way?

    • Quittings for losers and babys. If he wants to take his ball and go home let him. maybe someone else wants to trade a WR.

    • let the baby quit, its first come first serve Right?

    • Tell that pussy that you are going to dispatch the "Wambulance" and let his ass walk! If it's a money league, tell him thanks for the contribution.

    • I wrote a reply message to you on 10/25/07 at 11:26 AM.I'm requesting that you respond to it?The reason for my request is this.......(1)Based on my reply on 10/25/07 I told you how I would feel from your point of veiw & his.(2)You stated in your post that you had L.T,L.J.,& Lynch."My question is this.How did you get L.T & L.J on the same team"?The number 1 & 3 in any draft at the start of the year.Did you trade to get L.T. or L.J.?Or,did you(mess with the draft).(3)If you did mess with the draft.I can see why this guy is crying foul now that you picked up Chatman but,he still should of handcuffed Brown with Chatman............P.S.....You do need to respond to this message.If you don't respond to it.It would show me & everyone else that the actaul FOUL started on draft day.I'm just trying to see the hole picture.It sound like it maybe more than what's being said.If not he just a crybaby,& he must go!Good Luck...Just trying to call it the way I may see it.......Mark D.

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      • We had a live draft and I picked the 1st overall pick. I actually traded Boldin (required him later) and Jacobs to get LJ when he was struggling. I actually traded Lewis and Burress to get Colston and Lynch. I try to stay out of the commissioner tools as much as possible. I don't think you could have had a even more fair draft, and no one is just going to give away players, being that it is a dynasty league and we pay money.

    • if he quits, just find someone else to run his team. if it's a keeper league, kick him out next year. what a little baby. actually, i don't think i know anyone who would whine like that.

    • Screen this Forum up for him - Let him read all the messages posted here - tell him he can make a trade offer through channels, or promote someone off the bench just like a real manager.
      If LT dings a knee will he give you Chatman back? Sure.
      Oh go ahead & meet any demand he makes, but next week he'll want Alsace-Lorraine, then Poland, then......

    • There's no crying on the cybergridiron - it shorts out the microcircuitry don'tcha know?

    • Why have a guy like that in ur league....he sounds like a BABY! I am a commish, I would not put up wit dat!

    • I would tell him he has to live with who he picked. If that's not acceptable, then quit. I had a guy quit this season because i would not recind on a trade the league approved(he was the only one who voted against it) he threatened to quit,so i booted his sorry ass out. I then deleted all of his points,and we drafted out his players,to the other mangers. It was a pain but it was a fair way to handle the situaition.

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