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  • eryn eryn Oct 21, 2007 2:58 AM Flag

    waiver abuse?

    Here's a question for you.

    Player A and Player B are playing each other this week.

    Player A has QB issues and has waited until the last minute to find a replacement.

    Player B used an empty roster spot to pick up and than instantly drop every active starting QB on the free agency wire. All the dropped QBs end up on waivers which don't clear until after this week's games.

    Player A is griping that this sorta move while technically within the rules is cheese-ball (sorta on the same level as a bad team trading away good players once they are out of contention).

    Is player A just outta luck? Is Player B clever or cheesy?


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    • I think you should put in a transaction limit, Our league we can only make 10 add-drops and 3 trades that makes it a little more fair so people don't do stuff like that. But your friend is out of luck for right now. Maybe next year you guys put something like we have in place so you get less whining.

    • He's the Bellicheat of fantasy football haha

    • yes definatly abuse of waiver system... ask other manager and then the commish can take all players off of waivers and make them all free agents for change waiver time to 1 day

    • You can consider this both a good move and dirty move...at this point in the season you have to do what you have to do to get let you opponant get the upper hand.

      Is it wrong? Yeah but stategy is part of the game.

      Team owners need to be projecting the staus of their teams a few weeks in advance. If they arent then, i guess they deserve to get screwed.

    • I am the manager of my league and I have thrown threatened to throw people out for that. It is within the rules, but there is a certain level of sportsmanship that you should be playing with. My players know not to attempt such a stunt. We are all friends in my league. I would have gone to your commish and asked to have them manually add one of those qb's for you. That is what I did for my guys. That is just a dick thing to do and there is no place for it.

    • I would see it as player B as being both clever and cheesy. It is within the rules and if he thinks player A is a threat to beat him, it is one way to try and put the odds in his favor. Yes it is a bit cheesy, I can see that it could be very annoying for sure. I try and look 1 or 2 weeks ahead planning with my roster, especially during the bye weeks, leaving it to the last day is really taking chances.

    • That is a very unsportsmanlike act. If this is a league that requires an entry fee, a good idea is to charge an additional fee for roster moves made over a certain limit, say 25. This ensures that people will not make moves unless they are necessary. Good luck!


    • It's BS. Once one person starts doing it, then it opens the door for everyone to do it and the league just becomes a circus.

      I can see picking someone up and then realizing that there was someone better and having to drop the just picked up QB to pick up the better QB, but to do it for every active QB on waivers is just BS.

      Player A may have waited until the last minute because he didn't want to drop a player and have someone else pick them up during the week. Also, depending on where he was at on the wiver wire, he may have waited up till the last minute, in order to reclaim his waived player later on. Several people do that in my league and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

    • What are you guys talking about? That can't even happen. If you pick up players and drop them right away, they don't go on waiver lock. They return to Free Agent status. They need to be held for 12+ hours. I tested this time and time again. Go test it right now. Pick up and drop someone. Then go to the Player list. That player will be FA and not waiver locked.

      With a standard bench slot of 6, I highly doubt that ALL 6 bench slots were expendable. Let's assume he can spare 4 slots. So if you wait till the last day, the most QBs he can put on waiver lock is only 4.

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      • just go with no waiver rules...people that actually care or want to win can go get the players they want when they want them, first come first serve....i've had too many problems with the waiver process in the past in other sports leagues, mainly basketball and sometimes baseball...i've always ran my football league with no waivers, that way also if you find out a guy is gonna be inactive 20 minutes before kickoff you can make the nesseccary changes without having to wait days until the move takes place...

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