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  • travis h travis h Oct 15, 2007 5:16 PM Flag

    Forced to Drop players

    My fantasy football comish wants me to drop b. jacobs n j. lewis is this fair?
    i am in a 12 team league and iam currently #1 5-0 record 577 points. My team is def the best in the league. with 2nd place being 4-0-1 with 556 points.

    my roster is...

    QB Tony Romo
    QB Drew Brees
    WR Plexico Burress
    WR Laverneus Coles
    WR Braylyn Edwards
    RB Reggie Bush
    RB Lamont Jordan
    RB Adrian Peterson
    RB Brandon Jacobs
    RB Jamal Lewis
    TE Kellen Winslow

    The reason the comish wants me to give up my players is cuz i picked up Jacobs(in week 3) and Lewis (in week 6) after they were dropped by newbie rookies in the league that suck at managing their team, so i basically got these players for free. Now the comishoner is having a vote to have me give the players back to their previous owners because a lot of people believe its not fair.

    so my question is......Is this fair? should i give up these players? does the comish have the power to make me do this?

    a should also mention this league is for money.

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    • no way should you drop them....thats how newbies learn.....ive been playing fantasy football since 1990....its dog eat dog.....tell ure commish hes wrong....waivers is waivers period.....to bad if you got the lucky draw.....those newbies will learn

    • if this is for money then the other managers should know what their doing and should know a little bout football. so no its not fair that u should have to ditch them. is the commish also one of the managers that ur whipping? maybe he has alterior motives

    • its the commish's fault for not having a cant cut list

    • lmao people actually believe u hey idiots do u really think that he would have plaxico buress and lamont jordan on his team?

    • I agree with these guys. They chose to be in this league and if they decided to drop B. Jacobs and J. Lewis then that is their fault. If the commish was able to pick it up then he would keep them himself, I know that

    • Are you kidding??? Tough! They dropped 'em and you scooped 'em up. Everyone was new at this fantasy thing at one time or another. Ask your commish, if it were his team that people were mad at... would he give 'em back to the original owners?

    • tell him to eat &*%$ and if he take control of your team don't pay the money or get it back

    • Why should you have to drop anybody that you want on your team? If the newbies can't manage their shhit then they should not be in anyone's fantasy football league.

      I have been playing for 4 years and my commish is the best! He does not butt in where he doesn't belong, meaning he does not have the right to make the league vote on how incompetent (newbies) are, cause that's exactly what they are. Why can't they go to the players pool and pick up someone else or at the very least make some trades? Even though your league is for money it sounds like a bullshit league because of the unnecesary drama. And tell your commish don't try and throw salt in your game cause he's losing. Maybe he and the newbies are related. LOL!

    • That's called being an aggressive, smart (lucky) and experienced player. New player will learn from their mistakes.
      Others shouldn't be forced to give up players found on the FA market.

    • What is he nuts!!!!!!! The whole point to winning in a Fantasy leauge is to pick up players performing better than anyone else. In order to win a MANAGER must be able to do the research and wait out potential busts or breakers, it is not your fault if certain managers arent patient enough or skilled enough to realize what they have done, if it was me i wouldnt give no one back and take the leaugue over...

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