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    Commissioners dilemma (Must read material) commish's and otherwise

    Hello. My name is Charlie F. Tubbs. I run keeper leagues in all sports. This is what recentlyhappened in my Gridiron Giants keeper league. Now before everyone goes blasting me for changing the league settings midseason, Please listen to how it happened. My baseball leagues are awesome, My hockey leagues rock, My basketball leagues are great, the offline drafts suck...when your doing them on the league posting boards. Football.....I have trouble configuring it the way I want it. That aside. Our Football league drafted just before the start of the season. From the get go ther were problems from league owners and me alike. I remembered certain things being different then when I configured the league. So I came to the conclusion that when yahoo updated hteir player rankings to better coralote (thier word) player rankings. I assumed that is somehow adjusted or frazzled my league settings. Needless to say we still drafted with these settings in place. Now I run a yardage league meaning that my league scoring is superbly higher than most leagues...sometimes in the thousands, with certain positions ranking higher in average points per week than others. Which wasnt the way the league was meant to be when set up. I had it set up that the players would be ranked evenly by overall points per position. So your top tier running backs are getting you the same points as your top tier Linebackers. (Yes our league uses individual defensive players), your top tier running backs are getting the same number of ponts as your top tier Defensive line man...etc etc. Well this caused quite a stir with some owners NOT CHECKING the league settings before drafting. So for the first several weeks complaining was done scoring was bad. Not like it was last season. So I tried to let it slide but felt with league activity dwindling several owners saying they would no longer participate if things wernt corrected, I posted one day I would change the settings to fix the scoring problem. Now, if your a commish you understand why I did this.....if your a league owner manager your probably furious, I understand both sides I really do. Since this time, a very good friend of mine and current league member in great standings, Quit, Saying that he cannot participate in a league where the commissioner is free to change the league settings whenever he wants to. I have emailed him since but have heard nothing back. To complicate matters more....I was sheduled to play his team which was still in first place even after the scoring changes....after I had made the scoring changes. To add insult to injury....My team Unfortunatly benifited from the scoring changes (I really cold care less about wining my own leagues...they make public leagues for that....I have unique settings that set my leagues apart from others. Furthur more check out my profiles Thetwinsarein maybe 3-4 trophy's
    and thetwinsarein4. 0 trophy's) Most of you will blast me saying I am a cheat commish thats fine...obviously you have never run a league before, thats fine. I guess advice is what I am really looking for. Yes I should not have changed the league settings in the middle of the season. Though trying to save my league is all I was trying to do....and the guys in my league arnt just some ranom people I found on yahoo...All of the league managers are currently in some other league I commish. What is everyones opinion on what happened?

    And besides an actual cheating commish wouldnt have aken all this time to write this dissertation.

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    • YOU'RE A NUT!

    • How about making a "subtle change" to your essay you wrote and spacing some parts into fucking paragraphs?? Do you know what the button that says "ENTER" on it does? DAMMIT!

      Who can read that shit?

      Anyways, the first 2 lines I did read...the decent thing to do is put up a poll, and email the ENTIRE league on changes that you or others have requested. Tell people they have (X) days to vote.

      ALWAYS take the majority of these votes.

      Simple and honest.

    • Obviously at this point there would be no possibility of re-igniting the fantasy football flame as it is... meaning that the other guys in the league are obviously past the breaking point... I know it is may seem obvious, but in years past I have typed out the scoring system including projected year stats for each position (also includes defensive players) about 1 month before the season gets underway so that feedback and changes can be made and agreed upon weeks before the draft.

      By spelling it out and showing each person in the league the format and projections you give them an opportunity to speak up and this is where the league message board comes in handy... the thing is, it's hard to always keep everyone happy in leagues, and it makes it even more difficult when one or more of them are long time friends...

      As for mid-season changes and in your case especially, it is a fragile thing, and without over 50% consent there should be absolutely no changes made to the league in mid-season.

      I wish you luck and I hope your petty friend grows up and realizes it's fun, even though as you all know it is easy to get wrapped up in all of it.

    • change your name to Tubbs McFlubbs.

      your league sucks.

    • i kinda know what your talking about, I would have put it up to a league vote and let them voice what they want however you mentioned that activity is slowing cause of the scoring system it left you in a wierd place,

    • If you going to make a Chage that well effect all players teams you should leave it up to the league to vote

      post in you league what you well do and see who like and who does not (dont veto yours self if its a tie at end you can but make sure everyone votes)

    • If you are a commish of a league where you know everybody, you should have let everyone know the problem and what you were proposing to do. That way everyone would have been aware of pending changes and would be able to voice their concerns prior to the changes. Then you would have been able to decide what to do knowing everyone's concerns. But, you did what you thought you had to do to save your league and that is what a good commish does.

    • Making even subtle changes to the settings after the draft is not good.. if they make drastic changes to the scoring -- then it is a big NONO.

      I'll give an example from a recent baseball league of mine.. the Commish had set SVOP(Save opportunities -- includes blown saves) and ER (cumulative earn runs) as categories. So the value of closers much higher than SPs.. so I drafted premium closers very early in the draft.. commish took away these two categories after the draft.. I went onto win the league.. but had to struggle a bit to rebuild my team.

      Just accept that you screwed up. You should only award owners who checked the settings before drafting.


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