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    I've got a question. On our league I've got Adrian Peterson. MG A$$ Pounders has also got adrian peterson. Here is the problem. For my team it says Chi-RB and his is Minn-RB. I don't know if he was a free agent before I signed him but the question is now that this is a mess up can there be anyway to fix it since this has happened. I don't want to make anyone made because Peterson had a great game today and I don't want to change this just because of that. I just noticed this tonight.


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    • How do you not know that there is more than one running back in the NFL named Adrian Peterson?

      Yahoo specifically shows what team that player is on and the position.
      Maybe before you added the Chicago running back, you should have looked him up first.

    • Not sure what the problem is. You have the AP that plays for CHI; the "other" Adrian Peterson. He has the "good" AP for MIN; they aren't the same guy. Whoever decided to to pick up AP must've picked up the other AP from CHI thinking he was the MIN AP.

      Sorry if this doesn't help.


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