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  • Larry Larry Oct 14, 2007 3:50 PM Flag

    Win Reveresed in middle of the week to a lose

    I won a game a couple weeks by a point and half. After looking at the standings later in the week, my win was reversed to a lose. I don't know why, but my opponent said Yahoo missed a sack for Green Bay. Is this possible? Who looks into this and what can be done? Because our commissioner is not doing anything about it.

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    • This same thing happened to me last year.... Except I was on the Winning side... You can e-mail Yahoo fantasy people and they will e-maill you the complete game stats, and where they went wrong.... It happened earlier this year in my league and it was corrected on Monday after the weekend...

    • It does happen. All you have to do is look at the stat corrections. It is broken down each week. It happened in my league overnight this year. Wed is a little late, but if it is correct then that is what you want.

      In 6 years, I've seen it change the winner 3 times in my main league.


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