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  • SF 49ers SF 49ers Oct 13, 2007 12:46 PM Flag

    Deletion from league NFL Head to Head (ID# 286962

    To whom it may concern I would like NFL Head to Head (ID# 286962 league deleted from login. The commish is a joke and has been deleting teams to build his and his buddies roster stronger from the start. I signed up so I play last roster move 9/29. From a 16 team league he has down to 3 teams left. I was 3-2 when he took my team. Please delete from login so I avoid the anger of having to look at mess. Thank you.

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    • i couldnt agree more. having played two years in a row in a yahoo public league where the commish has formed more then one team and cheated, i would love to see yahoo do something about this. I no longer play in yahoo public leagues and only play in leagues that were formed by friends or coworkers. i would love to play in at least one other league where i didnt know anybody and it is still fair. maybe yahoo could put even the littlest effort into doing something about cheating commisioners. i hope this message is the start of a long enough response post that yahoo will notice it.

    • I agree completly. If a commissioner is doing crappy things like that to improve his team, he should have his league deleted and should be banned from yahoo! play. GET HIM YAHOO!


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