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  • Moss Daddy Moss Daddy Oct 12, 2007 10:04 PM Flag

    Trade Reversal?

    This went down weeks ago but still urks me
    On 09/20/07 09:11 pm ET The follwing trade was put through by a commish

    Barber, Marion RB DAL
    Johnson, Chad WR CIN
    Palmer, Carson QB CIN
    Alexander, Shaun RB SEA
    Brees, Drew QB NO
    Colston, Marques WR NO
    The message tagged to the acceptance read:
    "I will take this trade for week 3's games barring no one gets hurt this weekend"

    We all know Alexander surprising played with a cast week 2 and has has been dropping passes, and going to the sidelines holding the broken wrist occaisionally, as well as is not playing as aggresively as normal

    At week three, the team with Alexander said there is nothing wrong with his wrist so the disagreement ensued and we were on to have Trade-Gate formed in the hands of the Commish
    Here was his email:

    At this point this is how I see the situation. The trade acceptance included a condition of no injuries in week 2 which, to me, gives each of you an out if there is a significant injury to one of the players. The report of Alexander's sprained wrist wasn't posted until after the trade was accepted. So Moss Daddy couldn't have known about it before accepting the trade.........
    1) put the trade through. 2) wait one more week. 3) cancel the trade.
    ... if you don't agree to an option and get back to me, I will commit both of you to an option that I think is the "fairest" based on the information that I have.
    My email stated I wanted to postpone the trade to further access if Alexander would be productive wearing the cast
    Also, I expressed unhappiness to the changing of wording to "significant injury" inserted by the commish

    Yet, the decision was made.........
    Wes, Sean,
    The trade was agreed to with the stipulation that there was no injures to any of the players. The term "significant injury" was MY word. I was attempting to quantify injured as I understood it. Is injured catching passes scoring a TD and playing the whole game? Or is injured suffering a concussion and missing half the game only to return to lead your team to victory? Our is injured being paralysed and maybe never walk again? When is someone "injured" I think we will all agree that in the NFL after week 1 few players are 100% for the rest of the season. The best way for me to quantify the word is missed playing time. Alexander not only did not miss time, but he averaged 6.3 yrds/carry in the 2nd half (Seahawks website). All of the resources I have checked CBS, NFL.com, Alexander website, Seahawks Website, etc... Give no indication that Alexander is injured. There is not report anywhere that talks about him being injured. Therefore I must conclude that at this time he is not injured.
    I will be approving the trade tomorrow when I do the drop/ adds.

    The trade was accepted before week 3's games, and obviously Alexander has been a major dissapointment which will become worse now that Morris is available to spell him

    Do you feel this trade should be reversed now or some sort of evening tactic made?

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