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  • Pocket Change Pocket Change Oct 8, 2007 5:18 PM Flag

    WTF? Trade problems!

    I am very confused. One of the teams in my league proposed a trade during the games yesterday and it said the changes would reflect Week 6 but I just was checking my league after he called me and the dude he traded for got taken off his team now he lost out on 14 points and lost his game. Is there anyway to fix this. I think that is shitty and he wants to leave if I get this resolved. I E-Mailed Yahoo at about 5 this morning through the Help section and I haven't gotten a response yet. If anyone has any info please help

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    • This is why he should had waited until the week finished. It would still be on his week 6 roster with those points he got for starting them and week 7 those guys are gone. If he had those 2 in his lineup when the trade took places and got processed, he should had got full credit for those points.

    • In a league where all trades must be commish approved, the trade takes place immediately when the commish approves it. Which means, on a Sunday, when a trade goes down, if the commish approves it on Sunday, the player comes off the roster on Sunday and gets no points for Sunday games. On the other hand, if the player played on Sunday and the trade happens on Monday, he still gets his Sunday points.

      Not likely to get anything changed w/ Yahoo, since this is HOW IT IS. You have to know the rules when you play the game.

    • There is a way to fix this i had this happen in past you need to be comm to do this go in to comm tools than edit roster selt the team and week than move the player up ...


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