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  • Zack Richardson Zack Richardson Oct 8, 2007 3:02 PM Flag

    Delayed Add/Drops

    We had a similar situation with accusations of commisioner adding/dropping players during and after games, but he still swears he made the transactions prior to the start. He gave up commisioner control when asked. The time stamps say he is guilty, has anyone else had a problem with transactions not appearing until a while after the move? Or any sort of issue with Yahoo! loggin them late? Or where i can email to find out when the transactions actually went down? We need to decide guilt or innicence.


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    • what ur accusing him off cannot be done bye the commish. he can edit anyones roster prior to the day of ganmes. now what could happen especially what browser u may be opening ur games with if u have stat traker or not is. u can make a move submit and it should appear under transactions immeadiately. but not in the stattraker or the game u clicked on in ur yahoo page until u refresh ur browser or window ur in. clik on view all in transactions and ull see the times.

    • are u saying hes adding and droping players used allready that particular day. now if thats the case as far as i know yahoo wont let it be done, an error message will appear and u cannot make that change to like 4;00 am the next day. now if ur talking about non used players that day u can add and drop as u please. i will check my commisioners settings and see if there is something u can do to manipulate it. if i find something ill post again.

    • there a way to tell if he made a add or drop durin game time if you look at the Tranction board if is say (c than a number) that mean Comm add this player when he was in a game

    • FYI ...

      In the Commissioner Tools there is an option to 'Edit Rosters'. When a Commissioner enters this option they can select a team, an action (Edit Roster, Add Player, Drop Player) and a Week. the Week selection has every week that has past, is in progress, or is the next week up (ex - today it has weeks 1-6). If Week 1 is selected then the Commissioner can adjust the lineup of the selected team for that week. This is useful for making roster changes for the league if a coach is on vacation and cannot access their team for setup.

      What I do not know is if a Commissioner can make roster changes while games are occuring or if they make changes on a previous week if they'll actually go through. As a Commissioner myself I would not even want to test this without a real good reason to and without the concurrance of my league so that I do not appear unethical during the season. in the case that a change does occur.

    • In all leagues that I have been a commisioner in, you can never make a roster change during a game. You have up until Yahoo's specified period before the game starts to make the change. After that, its out of everyones control- including the commissioner of the league.
      I think your commish is innocent bro.


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