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    There is a manager in my league that I believe signed up for my league using multiple E-mails and thus owns, I'm guessing half the teams in my league. He/they keep trying these lopsided trades that are obviously collusive. i.e.: Jeremy Shockey/Joey Galloway/Brandon Jacobs for Anquan Boldin/Joseph Addai/Tony Gonzalez or another trade, Carson Palmer/Frank Gore for Eli Manning/Brandon Jacobs. This one, the one on the receivng end of these deals claims they are legit. The two teams in question have similar names and spelling to their names i.e.: SF 49ers and NE Patriots. I was wondering if these are indeed collusive trades and if so what should be done.

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    • if yout the commin you can lock the teams and than stop team from the trades i seen it happen also this year commin can edit roseter (ie Drop them) so if they keep up there bad trades warn them if they keep up lock them add drops trades than drop player for a redraft in you league

    • delete the league thats the only way to stop it

    • that is a pretty legit trade. Especially if its not a pp reception leaugue but rather TD heavy.

      Gonzo = Shockey

      Boldin vs Galloway
      Boldin is a little more consecutive than galloway when healthy. He is also a pocession receiver.

      Galloway is almost 40 yrs old but still one of the fastest players in the league and the Bucs only deep threat.

      Addai vs Jacobs
      This could be a questionable trade IF it is a point per reception league due to the ability of Addai to catch P. Mannings 5-6 dump passes per game. However, Jacobs is a mule and I see him as a top 5 RB if he can stay healthy. He wont be denied in the red zone.

      So it may or may not be the same person...it is possible for two friends to due the same scenario.

    • This is a dual post. Check the reply I put in already


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