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    There is a manager in my league that I believe signed up for my league using multiple E-mails and thus owns, I'm guessing half the teams in my league. He/they keep trying these lopsided trades that are obviously collusive. i.e.: Jeremy Shockey/Joey Galloway/Brandon Jacobs for Anquan Boldin/Joseph Addai/Tony Gonzalez Carson Palmer/Frank Gore for Eli Manning/Brandon Jacobs. This one, the one on the receivng end of these deals claims they are legit. The two teams in question have similar names and spelling to their names i.e.: SF 49ers and NE Patriots. I was wondering if these are indeed collusive trades and if so what should be done.

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    • Go into your Commissioner Tools and select 'Lock Teams'. You can block those teams from making trades.

    • This was a problem for me last yearone guy definately had 2 teams. I busted him before he even made a trade offer to his other team. The teams names were very similar and the Email address were almost a dead giveaway. He was like what are you talking about? The about week 2 the trade offers started. I just EMail the whole league about the one sided trade offers that he kept accepting. The league just voted them all down.

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      • Send an email to this address:
        Tell them your situation and explain to them that you want to change your league trade vote setting from League Votes to Commissioner Approval. They did it for me. It's great!!! They take care of the commish's. Give them your league ID, your team name, your Yahoo ID, your email and your story. You should get a response in a day or so. Good luck!!

      • Vote no to all of the trades. If your the commish, you should have posted a Note warning all managers in the league of the situation, and instructing them to vote them down. Either that or change the trades to "must be approved by commissioner"


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