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  • Fjhht Fjhht Oct 18, 2007 12:54 AM Flag

    Caught Commissioner Cheating

    His actions and behavior are completely unacceptable and will only tarnish everything remaining positive about his league. My guess is that he is a newbie commissioner because nobody with experience and any shred of integrity would fathom doing something like this without repercussions (i.e. members rebelling, dropping out, etc..). His instant gratification for victory will cost him loyal members and only hurt himself. The worse action you could do as a commish is to fix or cheat.

    One rule of thumb I always do before I enter a league or recruit members is to always look at their history and success track record to ascertain a pattern of behavior. Chances are if they were commissioner over many seasons and did NOT come in 1st place in every league he/she commished then that is a good sign. You don't want a commish who tends to win all of his/her leagues. That's an instant sign of a fixed/tainted league with rules bent to favor him/her or certain others.

    Also regarding the cheating. I would immediately report it to the Yahoo ivory tower and see what they have to say. Certainly, this blatant abuse of power should not go without ramifications.

    Thanks for your time and hope this helps.

    TTJ aka Franklin


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