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  • Da Bears Da Bears Oct 7, 2007 10:19 AM Flag

    Rb Help....

    Thomas Jones
    Travis Henry, possbile leauge suspension...
    Marshawn Lynch Monday
    Julius Jones

    On the 9th, Steven Jackson and Brandon Jacobs clear
    waivers. Would it be worth getting jackson. I had him the last 2 seasons, how bad is his injury? Jacobs should be ready to go as he was last week, is he worth getting with possible split carries with Ward? HELP

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    • hold up wait a min. jackson might be coming back soon, if their both available id get both. even though their both injury prone, ull nvr know when they'll have a breakout game based on the matchup. jackson's injury has been serious, hes missed two stright weeks. the biggest problem is thir o line and qb. it all starts up front, thats how the rest of the offense is successful. jackson is def the biggest disappointment this yr. jacobs on the other hand, its gonna be split carries but u know jacobs is gonna reach the endzone once or twice within the red zone. henry oh henry the pipes the pipes are calling. just ruined his career with drugs in his system. this is a really shaky call, id recommend u get selvin young the other rb in denver and add him immediately and keep checking the status on denver, online and tv for espn w/ injury. i mean denver is gonna have to throw all day adainst san diego, so id pick up young if hes gonna start, and based on points per reception. so watch it more closely. marshawn lynch has been playing very well lately. dallas will end the game really early, so look for a garbage td, for lynch. but hes always a solid play as a #2 guy on ur rb roster. gut instinct says, see if young is available then watch status. henry isnt gonna play. jacobs will be goalline man. and wait on jackson, st louis has more problems than the saints right now on offense. i mean jackson is an amazing rb, but it all starts with his o line. yes he was w/o pace last yr, but nw its everyone, and a groin injury is always iffy, especially if its re-injured id avoid him for now.

    • Start 2. Its currently henry and lynch...


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