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  • The Ted The Ted Oct 6, 2007 10:41 AM Flag

    Scoring Discrepancy Help...

    Does anyone know the email address for sending an inquiry into correcting a scoring discrepancy? I'm commissioner for a league, and I've got a discrepancy I need to get corrected. It appears that sometime late this week, Yahoo changed the final scoring for Green Bay's Defense in Week 4. At game's end, they were credited with 4 sacks, but sometime on Thursday night (I think), the Fantasy Football scoring somehow changed the scoring and credited them with 5 sacks. I've checked Box Scores all over the place (including Yahoo's), and all show them as having 4. The only place I see them having 5 is on the Fantasy Football section. My league uses fractional points, so as a result, a team erroneously was credited with a loss. I need to get it corrected, as our league rewards incentives for best record at season's end.

    I sent an email through the Help section, but it looks like a satisfaction survey and not an actual "inquiry" section....the Help section says to email them, but they don't provide an email address! Does anybody have one I could use to get this resolved?



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    • Not sure if this is the same email address you sent the original question to .. but try sports-fantasy-football@cc.yahoo-inc.com

    • Did you find anything out about how to fix that problem? I have the same problem! I won by 1 point last week and then i checked it on thursday and i ended up losing by 1 point? If you have found something out will you please let me know.


    • The official number of Green Bay sacks for that game is 5. See www.nfl.com for the official statistics for all games

    • Yep, same thing happened here! I went from 1-3 to 2-2 and had no idea why - this explains things. I'll try emailing them thru the help section as well. How weird to have this happen so late in the week!

    • I see what your problem is, I too emailed them, through the help system, Maybe because the week is over, they may not change it, GREAT eye on see that though.

    • I had the same thing happen, but I was on the recieving end changing my loss to a win. Normally I would be happy, but I am the commish and it looks bad. I too questioned yahoo about it, but I have yet to get a response. I would like a statement from them that I can present to my league, or at least be able to see a record of the change and who did it, so my league doesnt lose my trust. I think this is more seroius than yahoo is giving it credit for. There are way to many other fantasy league sites out there that may have better customer support......still waiting for a response......


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