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  • Kevin Kevin Sep 29, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Does this make sense?

    I'm thinking about benching my pitchers for today. I have 3 closers active and Teheren starting vs. Philly. I am leading in wins (5-4), saves (3-0), ERA (3.10-5.11), and WHIP (1.18-1.36). He only has 2 closers so saves is a lock. However he does have 3 starters going so I should start Teheren because that could be a big win.

    Does it make sense to bench my 3 closers? I'm not sure how much this will affect my ERA and WHIP?

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    • Where is the K's standing? What is your overall record with this team? If you are likely to win even if you lose wins, then consider benching. If you MUST win Wins, then you must start as many of your pitchers as possible, and dont need saves, so forget ratios at this point. Also, if you have that big a lead in ERA/WHIP, the performance of one pitcher is not likely to hurt you enough to lose those 2 categories. Closers on the bench, you can live with. So YES, it makes sense. Just gotta measure ALL the variables.


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