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  • Aaron Aaron Sep 12, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Jerk Move to Bench all SPs?

    NL only winning 7 to 5 currently.Playoffs tie breaker is head to head from regular season and he has be beat. I can't tie 6/6 or I lose.

    R: winning 12/10
    H: losing 20/28
    HR: winning 5/2 -

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    • strategy

    • This is more ethical than "streaming" in my opinion. It at least shows forethought on the situation. Streaming is just vomiting out pitchers in a desperate move and shows ones lack of fantasy baseball knowledge and playmaking. You're fine benching starting pitchers if you're ahead as long as you meet your innings pitched minimum for the week (which I highly recommend ALL leagues implement at least a 20+ innings pitched minimum). In fact I only participate in leagues that also have an innings pitched maximum, usually 50 innings pitched per week. This prevents #$%$ from streaming to win.

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      • I like the innings maximum. the #3 and #4 teams in my H2H league are both heavy streamers with over double the moves of any other team. My #2 team has a slightly inferior 0ffense without Carlos Gonzalez and if they succeed with Wins and K's, then I have to get real lucky to be able to pull through Next week in the playoffs if I play the heavy streamer.

        I do agree that it is great strategy. Bench players when you have the pitching points wrapped up. I did it a couple times during the season as I didnt want to risk losing ERA and WHIP. Every point counts, whether it be in the 1st week, or last. Your bad luck that you didnt get that ONE crucial point during the season.

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