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    Hi to the league managers from a newbie manager.

    Dear Managers:

    My name is Stephen Campbell, and I recently took over the "Just Me " team. May I ask anyone of you for some starting help. Unless anyone can offer some time to help me with a draft going on information I will not be able to participate in Saturday's League Draft. It be better to wait for this round as it would make more sense for me to keep the team I just gained. At least, until I get to know more about the league's rules, and get to know my team better. I played baseball all my life (and some basketball up into the college level. Don't get to excited, as they were only only religious colleges.) I've never had the chance to manage a team. So, I'm a newbie to the manager's role in the sport. My belief is in the game of baseball as it is the greatest game in the world. How about it, is there anyone who spare a little time to invest in a newbie to your league with a little help? Right now, everything is a bit overwhelming at my first time playing the role as manager in this Fantasy League. Would anyone help me change the name of me team? At least, tell. Me how to go about accomplishing this adventure?

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this manner.

    Stephen Campbell

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