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  • FC FC Jul 10, 2013 12:05 AM Flag

    Trade for Cruz?

    Would u trade Adrian Gonzealez for Nelson Cruz and his PEDs.... I need HRs

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    • A lot of good points by both responders. First, if you want Cruz, waiting a few more days can't hurt. Besides, I've been watching Agon and the guy does not have any obvious problems, so the missing power is something of a mystery. For all know, the HRs will just show up in late July. I would wait 1 or two weeks after the ASB (Aug 1?) or at least until the suspensions are announced...because at that point, the Cruz owner will be in Max panic. Then, if you still decide you want some of that gooey good power yumminess, you offer to bail him out for nelly plus a closer or something for Agon. Good Luck!

      P.S. In leagues where I have Cruz, I'm not even offering him in trades, because I can't get his value back. I'm gambling that for 2013 fantasy purposes, I'm stuck with him, but interestingly, that's all right.

    • I also have Cruz and I'm shopping him out big time right now. I'm willing to take less and not gamble on the suspension as getting someone in a trade is better then getting some #$%$ as a pick up.

      You'd be crazy to do this trade before the allstar break.

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      • Greatest Championship History™ Greatest Championship History™ Jul 13, 2013 11:41 AM Flag

        I have no problems trading Cruz right now. He's been one of my productive starter at OF. Like you, I have the same dilemma. No turning back once I let him go for Justin Upton. Hopefully my league won't veto, but I really don't like Justin Upton this year. The guy getting my Nelson Cruz would have the better end of the deal if suspension won't push through or get delayed.


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