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  • Corey Corey Jun 18, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Who Should I start?

    Which three OF would you start on a daily basis:

    Justin Upton
    Dominic Brown
    Nelson Cruz
    Austin Jackson

    My util spot is held by Freeman.

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    • I like to think about where the player is in the lineup, who they have to drive in, who they are playing. With Utley returning and Rollins, the Phils have a couple RBI's at any given time for Howard and Brown (albeit later in the lineup). Justin Upton has slumping Simmons in front of him, Heyward who has been absent and/or a random Braves fill-in, Johnson, Shafer, Gattis, BJ. Still Justin has been good for a homer or two per week. Knowing my luck, I'd sit him and he'd get five. Nelson Cruz has Andrus/Profar and Kinsler, both who seem pretty good to get on base. He'll also be good for some runs, since Beltre, Pierzynski are behind him.

      You have a great lineup, Corey, if your choice is down to one of these three. I could see any one of them doing better than the rest of the MLB hitters in any given week. I'd look to see who they are facing, but would lean toward putting Brown in because I think the Phillies are going be fueled by Utley's return. Cruz would be my second choice because TX is so deep in hitters and run-support.

    • i would bench dominic brown for sure until he heats back up.. hes in a slump and after his hot streak his plate discipline has plummeted and is trying to hard now to hit home runs instead of working the count like he use too.


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