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  • James James Apr 12, 2013 3:00 AM Flag

    Zach Grienke


    I don't need any advice, I'm just venting. It sure seems like every time I take this guy (Zach Grienke), he gets hurt doing something STUPID. Playing basketball cost him the first part of the season a few years ago, and now he gets his collar bone broking in a brawl. COME ON!! If he wants to fight, then quit baseball and join the MMA. If he wants to be in the NBA, then try out for the Lakers. HE'S A BALL PLAYER. HE SHOULD ACT LIKE ONE.

    Anyway, I guess I'll get back to picking over the waiver wire for somebody to add for the next couple of months.

    P.S. I sure with I had a guaranteed contract like his, so if I did something idiotic, then I'd get paid just the same.

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    • He was defending himself as a way bigger guy charged him, #$%$! How is that stupid? I have him on my team but whatever i give him mad props for standing his own and taking on the way bigger quentin..if ur gonna blame anyone, blame the dodgers catcher for not getting out there and protecting his pitcher...should he have just cowardly hid on the ground so he didn't hurt ur chances in fantasy baseball?


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