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  • Greg Greg Mar 29, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    1B help...

    My team was auto picked FYI. 1B guys are D.Ortiz, and M.Teixeira. I don't feel comfortable with Ortiz in 1B at all. I was thinking of dropping Ortiz for M. Carpenter. Any thoughts?

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    • I'd keep ortiz when he's healthy he's a top 50 hitter & dropping ortiz for carpenter would be a dramatic down grade .

    • Ugh, that's a tough situation. I fully believe that Ortiz is going to have a (relatively) productive season, but I understand why some people just can't count on him. The problem is that if you make this move, you're counting on an unproven (but potential-laden) commodity and won't have Tex as a fallback for the first two months of the season at least. But you don't want to drop Tex because he was probably an early-ish round pick, and that would be a waste.

      For the short-term, I think it's a good move (especially if you just aren't comfortable with Ortiz at 1b, it's a personal preference and we've all been there). I'm sure someone will grab Ortiz, but Carpenter is less of an injury risk and his ceiling probably isn't too far below what we should reasonably expect from Ortiz this year.

      I just read that Ortiz is probably going to stay in Florida when the Sox start the season, so Carpenter may be your only chance to have a 1b starting on opening day!


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