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  • Rhody Rhody Feb 23, 2013 7:00 AM Flag

    Keep Beltre or Hamilton????

    Neither; Beltre plays when his contract is up (I am a BoSox die hard) and Hamilton gives
    up in the second half. I would rather have Nick Punto on my team. Go Sox!

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    • Ha, yea Hamilton throws in the towel in thr 2nd half... why do u say that Rhody? Cause it happenrd 1 time? In 2011 he had better stats 2nd half and in 2010 he was injured but still batted .384 in the 2nd half. Hamilton struggled the 2nd half as he was quitting tobacco and he says drinking large amounts of caffeine to compensate which made him antsy and hard to concentrate, hense the near double in strikeouts from his 95ish strikeout per season average. Im glad people are down on him this year, makes him a steal when I get him


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