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  • ChristopherV ChristopherV Feb 22, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Keep Beltre or Hamilton????

    I two am a rangers fan...was when it was easy n cheap to go to opening day, like when they sucked eggs, and I think it is ludicrous to say its good Hamilton is gone...but anyway like the others have said it depends on your team needs, a gold glover will get you pretty much no where in FB, so look at the other stats. While in a full season Hamilton can/will put up MVP type numbers but so can beltre, so that leave consistency this is a problem because both have shown to be inconsistent Hamilton can't stay health and beltre has had some great yrs ie last year and some really bad ones as well ie remember Boston. That being said the track record to me does weigh toward beltre because he has shown to be good while playing in Texas. But honestly I stray away for both due to health or past performance, I want a lot more from a 2nd round pick.


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