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  • Andrew Andrew Feb 20, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    Keep Beltre or Hamilton????

    Im thinking about keeping Hamilton since his lineup is stacked, but Beltre went on a tear toward the end of last year and is hard passing on.

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    • Neither; Beltre plays when his contract is up (I am a BoSox die hard) and Hamilton gives
      up in the second half. I would rather have Nick Punto on my team. Go Sox!

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      • Ha, yea Hamilton throws in the towel in thr 2nd half... why do u say that Rhody? Cause it happenrd 1 time? In 2011 he had better stats 2nd half and in 2010 he was injured but still batted .384 in the 2nd half. Hamilton struggled the 2nd half as he was quitting tobacco and he says drinking large amounts of caffeine to compensate which made him antsy and hard to concentrate, hense the near double in strikeouts from his 95ish strikeout per season average. Im glad people are down on him this year, makes him a steal when I get him

    • I'm a rangers fan and I would keep beltre over hamilton hands down, i'm glad he is gone, sure he is awesome but he is a head case. you dont have to worry about that with golden gloves beltre

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      • I two am a rangers fan...was when it was easy n cheap to go to opening day, like when they sucked eggs, and I think it is ludicrous to say its good Hamilton is gone...but anyway like the others have said it depends on your team needs, a gold glover will get you pretty much no where in FB, so look at the other stats. While in a full season Hamilton can/will put up MVP type numbers but so can beltre, so that leave consistency this is a problem because both have shown to be inconsistent Hamilton can't stay health and beltre has had some great yrs ie last year and some really bad ones as well ie remember Boston. That being said the track record to me does weigh toward beltre because he has shown to be good while playing in Texas. But honestly I stray away for both due to health or past performance, I want a lot more from a 2nd round pick.

    • I'd keep Beltre, 3rd base isn't as deep as OF and his stats should be close to Hamilton.

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      • I'd keep Hamilton as he should be more useful longer than Beltre. In terms of vying for a championship this year, I do think that'd go to Beltre (but it also depends on the rest of your team). If you have a great chance at an equal 3b than hands down - Hamilton. Various variables, Bro.


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