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  • angelvirus angelvirus Jun 26, 2012 5:54 AM Flag

    Trout - Harper Trade

    I want to get Trout, and his manager proposed me this:

    I give:

    I get:

    He liked this better than my Lester/Harper offer for his Trout.

    What do oyu guys says about these proposals? Will Harper outplay Trout in the long run? I know Harper is great but he's still 19 and I don't think he will really explode this season like Trout is doing. Also hitting in front of Pujols will really help Trout's run volume. thanks.

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    • Go for trout but keep in mind the season is a long one and young talent tend to wear down as it goes along . My opinion i would look for a veteran to trade for that knows what it takes to play 162 games.. I play in 12 fantasy leagues and i did not draft either one of them in any of them.. Young talent scares me . But yes i believe it would be a fair trade.

    • If it's a keeper league, I wouldnt do it. Otherwise go for it.

    • i like the lester deal slightly better

    • I'm actually surprised he wouldn't take the Lester deal myself. Thought that was a better deal. I have Trout on 2 of my teams as well as Harper and it's a no brainer. Trout is a difference making machine. Dude gets 2-4 hits consistently and steals bags. Very good all around player. Harper is a little too raw if you ask me. He's going to be good, but not as consistent as Trout has been. Trout can be the difference for you in the playoffs when the time comes IMO.

    • if you really want trout, then you should probably accept that trade.....as far as trout vs harper for career, harper will get 10-15 more homers per year but trout will get about 25-30 (or even more) more SB than harper.....runs will be a slight edge to trout as will avg.....RBI will be a 20+ edge to harper (maybe more if trout stays leadoff his entire career).....i agree with the other guy that said frieri is another piece to think about but im not a guy who keeps closers unless you get to keep more than 10 guys.....closers IMO can be found (like frieri was this year) every year......

    • I'd do it

    • Well, you are getting the best player in the trade. And you are getting a closer for a closer. But I always like to keep in mind that a replacement closer will always get saves but a replacement position player will not always the same or better stats than the player that he replaced will.

    • the bigger piece here is Frieri.... he is a monster. 2ks per inning on a winning club is tough to find. Like Chapman. Harper and Trout are kind of a wash. If this is a keeper league i would want Harper and Frieri long term.


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