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  • John John Jun 25, 2012 11:41 PM Flag

    era/whip help

    Wainwright and Johnson have pitched a lot better since the beginning of the year, so those guys will help. Hanson... eh. He should be ok, but his last few starts weren't that great. I would definitely get rid of Marmol, though. He might get you a save here and there, but he'll cripple your ratios doing it. If you're trying to help those stats, he should be gone.

    One thing you could try if you have the roster space and have batters you could drop, is to load up on relievers that post good ratios and have high K rates. Guys like Romo, O'Day, even Furbush. They'll help bring down your ratios, add some K's, and mix in some wins and saves here and there. They're especially useful if you're close to the IP limit. It's hard to do, but it is possible. A few years ago, I was dead last by a wide margin in ERA right around the break. I worked my ass off, but I was able to get that down to the point that I was 2nd in ERA, and that helped me take 2nd in the league. I didn't win, but man, I felt good about that season.


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