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  • earl earl Jun 25, 2012 11:01 PM Flag

    era/whip help

    12 team, mixed, roto, standard public league. I'm ninth because i'm second to last in whip/era. here are my pitchers:

    Adam Wainwright
    Josh Johnson
    Tommy Hanson
    Felix Hernandez (traded brian wilson straight up in beginning of the year to a guy dieing for saves...)
    Chris Sale
    James McDonald
    Ernesto frieri
    Casey Janssen
    Carlos "Expletive" Marmol

    Recently had Jeff Samardzija, but dropped for glenn perkins.

    Wtf do i do to get back in this thing, knowing my weaknesses are era and whip? Wait it out, or trade off pieces? who to trade? No closers are available atm, otherwise would do army of closers method, but don't want to drop aces for closers right now.

    unrelated, but will tell for the curious: the offense is moderate, just needs the batting average to pick back up: pujols, dee gordon are biggest drags/disappointments, but if they can each get their ba up 30 points (to 290 and 250 respectively, still below each of their career lows),that'd help.

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    • First of all, I have no clue why you still have Marmol. Drop him like a bad habit. Janssen doesn't get many save opportunities.

      Pick any of these guys if they are still available:

      (In that order)

      You need to research the competition before starting some of your SPs. It's always a gamble, but you are never gonna get your ERA and WHIP on track if you put them out there every single turn. If Pitching is what's killing you then take a look at where you're strongest, and if you have a large enough lead in that category, trade someone from your strength to build up on your weakness.

    • in roto you might be toast its hard to come back

    • Wainwright and Johnson have pitched a lot better since the beginning of the year, so those guys will help. Hanson... eh. He should be ok, but his last few starts weren't that great. I would definitely get rid of Marmol, though. He might get you a save here and there, but he'll cripple your ratios doing it. If you're trying to help those stats, he should be gone.

      One thing you could try if you have the roster space and have batters you could drop, is to load up on relievers that post good ratios and have high K rates. Guys like Romo, O'Day, even Furbush. They'll help bring down your ratios, add some K's, and mix in some wins and saves here and there. They're especially useful if you're close to the IP limit. It's hard to do, but it is possible. A few years ago, I was dead last by a wide margin in ERA right around the break. I worked my ass off, but I was able to get that down to the point that I was 2nd in ERA, and that helped me take 2nd in the league. I didn't win, but man, I felt good about that season.


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