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  • Ryan Ryan Jun 15, 2012 7:58 AM Flag

    Do I Even Need To Make A Trade?

    Ok I have made 3 trades so far this is a 12 team h2h yahoo money league. Here is my roster:

    C Pierzynski
    C Ruiz
    1B Butler
    2B Uggla
    2B Phillips
    SS Aceves (KC) for now Bonifacio on DL
    OF Carlos Gonzalez
    OF Matt Holliday
    OF Micheal Bourne
    OF Ichiro Suzuki
    OF Dexter Fowler

    SP Cliff Lee
    SP Jake Peavy
    SP David Price
    SP Johnny Cueto
    SP Wade Miley
    SP Roy Holladay on the DL
    SP Zambrano but I just usually drop and pick up pitchers each week based on matchup need with this spot
    RP Casilla
    RP Capps
    RP Soriano
    RP Cook

    So my question is do I even need to make a move to just wait for Bonifacio and Halladay to come off the DL? I have been trying to trade either Uggla or Phillips or Ruiz or Pierzynski to someone for a SS or a SP but should I just hang on to them and keep this team intact. Im currently in 2nd place like 2 games back.

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