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  • Maggie Maggie May 21, 2012 6:01 PM Flag

    1400 innings limit

    I'm already 25 over the pace. Have Gio and Capuano both going tonight. Should I start or sit Capuano on the road at AZ? Thanks!

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    • Near the end of your limit, try getting some very good setup men to finish off the rest of the innings. At the same time you can trade some pitching to teams which are under the limit in exchange for some extra bats.

      Right now, don't worry bout it too much.

    • Does this 1400 inning limit apply to all leagues? How can I tell? I rotate pitchers daily have already got 600 innings.

    • Yahoo has never had a reliable method for projecting your innings. It seems to be especially off in years when there is an opening series in Japan. If you want an accurate projection, multiply your innings by (178/46). This will tell you what your innings total would be at the end of the season if you kept your current pace. If Yahoo says you are 25 innings over the pace, you are likely far below pace.

      What Yahoo usually does in their projection, I find peculiar. If for example, 1400 innings means 8 innings per day, yahoo will add 8 innings to your current total for every day left in the season. It's kind like saying, "ok if you adjust your pace TODAY to match the pace determined by the innings cap, this is how many innings you will end the season with." It does not calculate your current pace and project that pace through the remainder of the season.

      So again, if you are reading this on May 22, multiply your current total (through May 21) by (178/46) to get a more accurate projection.

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      • Just realized the all-star break is 4 days this year. Not the customary 3 days. For that reason, I would multiply by (177/46) instead of (178/46). HOWEVER, I'm not satisfied with (178/46) either!

        After drafting a long post explaining the numbers, I realized that "off days" are disproportionately weighted towards the end of the season. To somewhat account for this, I'll treat April 5th and April 6th as two separate days instead of a single day of games as I originally was counting them. I originally counted these days as a single day because there were only 16 games total (only the Dodgers and Padres played on both days). However, because there are more off days later in the season, it would be best to look at these days as two separate days that include an off-day for 28 of the 30 teams.

        This means I'm now using (178/47) as the multiplier instead of (177/46). This make sense because (178/47) will make the projected total smaller than (177/46) would have, and we want our projected total smaller because of the increasing number of off days as the season progresses.

        What's an easy way to remember 178?

        The baseball season has, for as long as I can remember, been 26 weeks long. 26x(7 days a week) = 182 days. Next, subtract 4 days for the all-star break to get to 178. (No games scheduled this year on the first Thursday after the all-star game).

        What's an easy way to figure out what number day in the season we are in? (Besides looking at a calendar and counting the weeks + additional days).

        If you're in a head-to-head league (in addition to your standard roto league with an innings cap), then you can see right away that we're in fantasy week 8. Due to fantasy week 1 being a short week this fantasy season, the last day of the 8th full week of baseball is the Wednesday AFTER the conclusion of fantasy week 8. This means the Wednesday DURING fantasy week 8 marks the last day of the 7th week of games. If you remember that Wednesday is always the last day of the week, and remember to subtract one from the fantasy week number, then you'll always know how many days of the season have been completed. (Be careful not to count a day of games until the stats from that day are officially included in the standings the following day.)

        Through yesterday's games (Monday's games), we are 2 days short of 7 weeks. 7x7 - 2 = 47. After today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll be exactly 7 weeks into the regular season.

        Lastly, if you had a starting pitcher pitch in the 2 game series in Japan (Felix Hernandez, Jason Vargas, Brandon McCarthy, Bartolo Colon), then look at that like you started the season with x amount of innings in your pocket. Remove those innings from your total before multiplying by (178/47), then add them back in after multiplying. Otherwise, be aware that your projected total will be higher than it should be.

    • 25 innings is fine; Allstar week will balance that out.

    • I am also in a league with a 1400 innings limit. I always try to check the other players daily and see what their innings totals are. I try to stay around what their innings are, maybe a little lower. Sometimes that means benching a SP here and there, usually if I don't like the matchups.

    • It's still early to worry about the innings cap. I usually don't make adjustments until the break or I'm 100 over, whichever comes first.


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