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  • Ian K Ian K Mar 12, 2012 2:03 PM Flag

    8th year Keeper league looking for 2 replacement managers!

    8th year of a competitive 14-team league.

    Looking for 2 replacement managers who plan to be active for teams where the previous managers weren't very active. Also who plan to come back next season as well.

    Draft is Sun Mar 25 10:00pm EDT

    Choose 11 Keepers from previous year.

    Please leave your email for me to get in touch with you if you are interested.

    Some of the players for each team:

    Team 1 (4th Pick in the draft): Adrian Beltre, Jacoby Ellsbury, Corey Hart, Jesus Montero, Hunter Pence, Dan Uggla, Adam Wainwright, Chris Perez, Daniel Hudson

    Team 2 (8th Pick in the draft): Alex Avila, Jose Bautista, Ian Desmond, Howie Kendrick, Carlos Quentin, Shane Victorino, Torii Hunter, Dan Haren, J.J. Putz

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