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  • John John Mar 8, 2012 6:45 PM Flag

    what do you think of this team

    Adrian Gonzalez (Bos - 1B)
    Justin Verlander (Det - SP)
    Giancarlo Stanton (Mia - OF)
    Adrian Beltre (Tex - 3B)
    Ian Kennedy (Ari - SP)
    Dan Uggla (Atl - 2B)
    Asdrubal Cabrera (Cle - SS)
    Buster Posey (SF - C)
    Carl Crawford (Bos - OF)
    John Axford (Mil - RP)
    Josh Johnson (Mia - SP)
    Carlos Beltran (StL - OF)
    Brian Wilson (SF - RP)
    Jose Valverde (Det - RP)
    David Ortiz (Bos - Util)
    Billy Butler (KC - 1B)
    Brandon League (Sea - RP)
    Tim Hudson (Atl - SP)
    Jeff Francoeur (KC - OF)
    Jhonny Peralta (Det - SS)
    Yadier Molina (StL - C)
    Mark Trumbo (LAA - 1B,OF)
    Carlos Lee (Hou - 1B,OF)

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    • Not so great. Don't any steal guys except for a hurt crawford and maybe kinsler. Pitching ok. Besides verlander u have a hurt johnson and a hurt hudson.

    • Carl Crawford and Beltran would be the biggest question marks on your team. Both have huge upside but they have been very unreliable as of recently. You should watch these two players closely. Other then that your team should be kicking ass.

    • I only have a few comments in regards to your team.

      1st) your starting pitching is SOLID.

      2nd) you middle infield (2nd & SS) may be a lil slow on reaction times, and may not the kinda power you would want from hitters in the 3-7 spots. (unless you plan to play small ball and hope for high AVG and not playing for only consistent RBI's.

      3rd) having Valverde & Axford as relievers is more than enough closing fire power. If you were willing to trade Wilson or League you could pick up another lockdown RP such as JJ Putz or the left hander from Atlanta. he's gonna light it up this year. League is still young, and his control may come into question, but if he stays focused he should be ok.

      4th) Noticing your icon, how could you not go for Johnny Cueto? He's gonna be at least an 18 game winner this year, and probably take less than 5 losses. Should keep his ERA under 2.00 and give you a solid 160 innings or more.

      5th) Other than these small nuiances that I see (I know my opinion may sound crazy) but you got a pretty solid team....always keep in mind where a player bats in his roster, and who hits in front of him (you don't want a power hitter on your roster, when on his real team nobody ahead of him can ever get on base...lol) also in fantasy league some of the best preformers are not always the marque names. Nice diversity though, but don't automatically marginalize ur fantasy rosters only for the "big names".

      I know I get kinda long......but I hope this helps.....good luck!!!

    • You should probably try to acquire some starting pitching though.

    • Looks pretty damn good, but it really depends on how many teams are in your league.

      If it were an 8 teamer. It'd be average to slightly above average. If it were a 16 teamer they might as well hand you the trophy now.


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